∞ Apple adds "Compare Macs" option to Apple Store

Apple on Thursday added a new option to its online Apple Store called “Compare Macs.” The new option allows customers to quickly bring up specs on the hardware, included software and technical specifications for each system. Compare Macs also gives users a look at each Mac’s environmental report, which has become a very important buying factor for many users in recent years.

When you first enter the Apple Store, you just choose a Mac and then look at the top menu bar. The Compare Macs option will now be visible.

After entering the Compare Macs window, you simply click on the Mac models you want to know about and click “Compare.” A very simple process to get side-by-side information on each Mac Apple sells.

  • Did anyone else notice that in this new compare tool Apple is using metrics when describing the computers weight and dimensions? Even though we are clearly browsing the US store.

    Maybe Steve Jobs will be the to finally kill the imperial system. It is out dated and proprietary.

  • Legolas

    Hmm – the spinning rat wheel on my Tiger equipped iMac G4 seems to be telling me something.

  • Jeff

    Can you provide a source for that comment about how important the environmental report is lately for computer buyers?

  • Erik

    Would have been nice to see an actual link to the compare page in this article about the compare page.

    • Jim Dalrymple

      I found in the past that the Apple Store links expire, so they didn’t work for long.

  • Pete Austin

    @Jeff. Don’t know exactly what the author was referencing, but here’s one survey. “Half the world’s consumers (51%) consider it very important that companies improve their environmental policies. In addition, 42% of consumers place high importance on fostering other programmes that contribute to improving society. The 51-country survey polled 28,253 online consumers in May 2008.” http://www.csreurope.org/news.php?type=&action=show_news&news_id=1700