∞ Apple, AT&T sued over iPhone 4 reception

You knew it was going to happen. From the first day people started complaining about the iPhone 4 and the poor reception, you just knew a lawsuit was imminent — and now it’s here. iPhone 4A class action lawsuits have been brought against Apple and AT&T in California, Maryland, and Texas, according to a report on AppleInsider on Thursday. According to the report, the California suit already has 11 plaintiffs tied to the complaint.

“The iPhone 4 manifests design and manufacturing defects that were known to Defendants before it was released which were not disclosed to consumers, namely, a connection problem caused by the iPhone 4’s antenna configuration that makes it difficult or impossible to maintain a connection to AT&T’s network,” the lawsuit filed in California reads.

The lawsuit also references comments made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs where he supposedly told a customer that he was holding the iPhone the wrong way.

  • Asserting that Apple knew about it and didn’t say anything seems speculative at best.

    • Jim Dalrymple

      It does indeed.

  • Craig

    There is a thirty day return policy on the phone. RETURN IT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT.

    And F the scumbag lawyers that will make millions from this when the phone owners affected all get $5 iTunes gift cards.

    These frivolous class action lawsuits do nothing to help consumers!

  • Chris

    Seriously, what a joke. shakes head in shame at society

  • Eric

    I’m with you Craig. Some lawyer was sitting in his office just waiting for the first dumb ass to walk through the door. Take the phone back if you don’t like it!

  • Duncan

    Only in America. For shame.

  • Peggy

    11 people signed on. How many iPhone 4’s did they sell???