∞ Hands On: iPhone 4

I got some hands on time with the iPhone 4 right after Steve Jobs introduced the device at his WWDC keynote on Monday. Obviously, there wasn’t a lot of time to test everything out, but here are a few quick observations. Despite the fact it looks square, especially compared to the older models, the iPhone 4 is surprisingly sleek and easy to hold. It fits nicely in your hand and the controls are all easily accessible using one hand.

iPhone 4 also seems quite a bit smaller than the iPhone 3GS, but I think that is more of an optical illusion than anything else. When I stacked the two devices they seemed to be about the same size.

I’d even say the squareness was a bit of an illusion too. It’s like Apple took the metal bevel off the new phone so it’s mostly black all the way around. It’s actually a nice look for the iPhone.

Having an almost solid black front gives you the feeling of having more screen real estate too. It feels less closed in, if that makes sense.

The iPhone 4 is very snappy when using apps. For instance, switching between the front-facing and rear cameras is instantaneous. I dare say if you tried that with the 3GS you would see some delay.

It’s not just the camera, everything feels snappier on the iPhone 4G. The addition of the A4 chip in the new iPhone is certainly going to make a huge difference in running apps and the things developers will be able to give us for the device.

Overall, I can’t see how anyone would be dissatisfied with iPhone 4, especially when you add in the new iOS 4 that will go along with it.

  • Tom

    Are the iPhone 4 have the HTML5 and no one mention about the Adobe Flash. Before that everyone request Apple to add Adobe Flash to iPhone 3g and 3gs

    • Gustav

      Apple already announced Flash is not coming to any iPhone, iPad, or iPod anytime soon.

    • No is Apple's reply. Quite emphatically no. There will not be Flash. NEVAR!!!

    • WaltFrench

      @Tom, Apple's not ready. But neither is Adobe, which, it must be said, has the final word on whether Flash works on a platform because they own the copyright and have never disclosed the full spec. There's not a production-quality Flash for ANY smartphone anywhere in the world, for which you can thank Adobe.

      Yeah, they HAD Flash Lite, but Adobe fired the Macromedia team that developed it, in 2005. Adobe has been promising ever since shortly after they recognized that their developers might not buy Creative Suite if it wouldn't make ads and vids for any smartphone, when the iPhone took off a couple of years ago.

      But still no production quality Flash. Some more (missed) promises. Some more technology previews. Some awfully buggy betas, and now, merely power-crazy betas that slow down the most powerful phones on the planet to the point that everybody who "can" run Flash, will put Flash Blockers on their devices so they don't have to pay the price.

      Web sites and their developers are realizing that 100% of smartphone traffic can't (and soon, can't or won't) see Flash, and going other directions. Adobe's not being too helpful with this transition, unsurprisingly.

      Still some people obsess over this. I take it that they have a gripe with Apple & are grasping at straws to justify their beliefs, or maybe their livelihood depends on Flash. Whatever, it's kinda pathetic that they hate on Apple for Adobe's shortcoming.

  • Thanks for your impressions. I love it that there's a white iPhone 4. The engineering work is incredibly impressive, especially the antennae. I wonder if the larger receptive surface will improve the GPS accuracy.

  • I think the OS might have something to do with that as well. Using the beta and soon the GM Seed the iOS4 seemed to make things just a little snappier on my 3GS not a huge amount quicker but it did seem to work a little quicker.

    As for the new iPhone, I will have to wait and see how much the upgrade cost will be. My early termination charge half way through my contract is just over $1000 so it may make more sense just to buy it outright.

  • steigen

    How about phone calls? Can you make a phone call without being dropped by the deathstar?

    • I wasn't able to test phone calls, but you're not the first to ask 🙂