∞ Mac OS X 10.7 showing up, but don't expect much at WWDC

I’ve been tracking the amount of traffic coming to The Loop from people using Mac OS X 10.7 since about February 2010 and while it has risen significantly, I don’t think we’ll see much of it at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Mac OS X 10.7 is Apple’s next generation operating system and will replace the current 10.6 Snow Leopard. Clearly the engineers inside Apple are using 10.7, but I believe it is still in its early stages.

The development of 10.7 is going slower than previous releases of Mac OS X because Apple has moved some of its engineers from the operating system to coding for the iPhone OS. This isn’t a bad move for Apple considering where the focus is right now and it certainly doesn’t mean they are putting the OS on the back burner — it’s just a matter of timing and priorities.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may show a few new features of 10.7 during his keynote, but that will be more of a way to show developers and users that they haven’t forgotten about the Mac. Still, don’t expect too much.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber heard the same thing and also doesn’t expect much news at WWDC about Mac OS X 10.7.

I’m not the only one seeing 10.7 show up in server logs. Both MacRumors and TechCrunch have reported seeing the new operating system as well.

  • I am unsure as to what 10.7 Thunder Cat will offer as I can't really imagine there is much to improve on unless they actually grab all the core applications like Mail, iCal etc and completely re do them.

    • And that's how they keep surprising us. As much as we think there is no way to improve, there always is.

      • There has to be ways to improve OS X but aside from re doing the core apps I haven't a clue, do you have any inside word on what we might expect feature wise?

        With every iteration of Windows you can see they're usually glaring UI updates and usability fixes but with OS X they seem to be more on refining the OS rather than the overhaul you see from MS I am not sure if that comes down to the release schedule seems quicker for OS X or if they have just nailed the GUI and are now focusing all their efforts on under the hood enhancement.

        • Jon

          10.7 has two obvious things it could do: 1- come convergence with iPhone os. 2- replace aqua

          • Would be nice if they bundled AppleTV functionality into the core OS and turned the Mini into a good media center alternative.

  • John Davis

    They could fix the Finder. As much as I love OSX, the current iteration of the Finder is horrible. Very slow and soon gets overloaded and confused.

  • Guest

    10.7 Wishlist

    Complete sandboxing – military level security Window slicing,side by side,and other features relating to handle windows in finder. A working system for installation and deinstallation – needs to be much faster. NO application installation should be needing admin rights. nor root privileges, Games – OPEN GL much better and especially graphic drivers for ATI cards. Bluetooth – MORE Profiles Firewall for outgoing and incoming – built in! Mobile me need to be a lot faster. optimize flash or create a replacement/translation technology. i have 8 cores -using flash take 25-35% of cpu..Crazy! Better and easier handling of external storage NAS and such.

  • Carl Butler

    I second the finder flaws.. Terrible to say the least.. I wobble back and forth between Pathfinder and Forklift if I need to get anything done… For instance – Open a finder window – Argghh doesn't show version info on my apps… – select "show view options" – re-shuffle the columns to size – version – date created ! But – a new window another re-shuffle..

  • Eric Goodwin

    Since we're brainstorming, better font management is a must

  • Surprised that a better integration to cloud storage/services and/or more sophisticated local cacheing didn't make the list. It wouldn't be that hard to design in flash memory into the hierarchy of local cpu storage, resulting in ultra-fast loading, random reads'n'writes, etc. And the model of requiring a local laptop as the "base unit" for an iPad or iPhone is kinda busted; I think it ultimately goes to the cloud with synchronizing across the various devices.

    That said, I'd also be in favor of much smarter iCal & address & mail integration. Just that I don't see these as OS-level issues (or, if they need new OS features, they're still independently developed and could be distributed separately). In this new multi-interface world, Apple could make sure the data (events) show up in the right place, while various clients (Notes, Entourage, iCal, busyCal, iPhone Calendar, …) show and edit the stuff in a way that makes the most sense.

  • mho

    You were wrong, no mention of 10.7. DID they forget?

  • egamer24

    customizable UI as in, having an option to change the color from gray to blue or pink etc.

  • I’ll stick with 10.7. Anytime I buy a product when it’s just brand new off the market, disaster follows me. I’ll see how Mac 10.7 treats other people before I get it, especially if it’s anything involving a Mac.

    • Jhollida

      You’ll stick with 10.7 before upgrading to 10.7?

      How does a guy named ‘pc repair’ call out Mac about being buggy?