∞ iPhone OS has triple the market share of Android

It turns out the back-and-forth race between Apple and Google in the mobile operating system wars may not be so back-and-forth after all. A new study from Nielsen puts Apple’s iPhone market share at 28 percent and Google’s Android at 9 percent. That gives Apple more than three times that of Google.

The numbers put Apple in second place behind BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, which has a 35 percent share. In third place is Microsoft Windows Mobile with 19 percent, followed by Google, Palm (4 percent), Linux (3 percent), and Symbian (2 percent).Apple and Google both moved up by 2 percent in the first quarter of 2010. In the same period, RIM and Microsoft both lost 2 percent market share.

iPhone triples Android in mobile market share [CNET]

  • Robb

    Why is it that half the day I must listen to PC and Android tribalists claiming that Android has surpassed iPhone and that iPhone is dead when nothing could be further from the truth?

    • Overly zealous bean counters. They'd even put Lego-OS at the forefront given the chance 😀

    • Cris

      It was because Android sold more phones in the U.S. for one quarter. But we must keep it in perspective. Android phones have been promoted with buy one get one free, so off course they got people to take them. If Apple was to give there phones for free, Android would have never surpassed it. I think more interesting will be to see how well they fair once the new iPhone comes to market, and the buy one get one free promotion ends.

  • Hamranhansenhansen

    It is even worse than that for Android since 75% is Android v1.6. There are even Android v1.6 devices coming later this year, like Dell Streak. So the v2 devices are being outsold by iPhone by over 10:1. Apple's sales double every year after a new model ships and stay doubled the whole year.

  • Could you please remember to add little details like "in the USA". Your article should say "in the USA market iPhone has 28% market share compared to 9% for Android. The numbers are even more in iPhone's favour in the rest of the world but the Nielsen report only covered the USA.

  • I don't think we're going to see a repeat of the "theft" of the Mac's windows by Windoze in the new context of iPhone OS devices. I was talking to a stranger in a doctor's waiting room who had some sort of HTC Android phone. He had it in his hand, but didn't show it to me, nor did I ask to see it. When I did some web surfing on my iPhone, though, he looked at my phone enviously. He said he had to get his phone because his company was with T-Mobile. He said it was difficult to surf web pages without hitting an unwanted link. He said he'd love to have an iPhone.

    I really didn't say anything before he said all that. He just volunteered it. He had a Mac at home he used for his music. He was also a musician.

  • mike jones

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