∞ Video: Steve Jobs at the D8 Conference

I could write all day about what Steve Jobs said at the D8 conference last night, but why bother when you can hear from the man himself. Here are some clips on the topics we all want to hear Jobs’ views. AT&T



iAd Restrictions


The iPhone’s Origins


  • Nate

    This is one of those times where I wish the iPhone had a Flash plugin, or at least a built-in FLV viewer… :/

    • I hear ya, but it's not worth the crashes right now 🙂

    • Hamranhansenhansen

      These videos were Web native from the start: http://video.allthingsd.com/

      I don't get why these Flash-only versions even exist or what the people involved think their excuse is. Why not Windows Media? It's exactly as universal as Flash today.

      One of these videos actually explains why you don't do this.

  • Great vids, thanks Jim. Now i have a clear explanation as to why ATv is a hobby and makes a ton of sense.

    • It does make a lot of sense. I love listening to him.

  • jim

    steve jobs, the software and hardware diktator has spoken.

    we will never ever support apple again. long life android.

    a webdesign office from munich and bali.

    i cant listen to this guy. every word is a lie. just tell the truth…. we have such a strong ans stupid customer base that we can sell them any crap. they buy it, who cares about open standards….

    • darrell

      yet you'll support a search engine who collects private data? sounds like you just dislike Apple's success. let me guess: since Microsoft hasn't done anything worth while except for Windows 7 and Xbox, Google's the only tech company you can advocate as having a chance to humble Apple's business?

      drop flash. learn HTML5. let go.

    • Shawn

      You know, to hear all of Steve's responses, you'd have to be numb in the head not to see some super valid and decisive arguments. Also it amazes me who still can't realize why HTML5 is vital in the future compared to flash I mean just about every open source developer and browser would like to get away from flash and it's plugin.

      Now whom ever you are JIM, you sound bitter and not willing to advance, so I hope you remember your words well and we'll see who is correct in 5 years from now.

    • oPad

      Jim wrote: " every word is a lie. just tell the truth…. we have such a strong ans stupid customer base that we can sell them any crap. they buy it,"

      He actually said the exact opposite. He said, "We try to make the best product we can and if we succeed they'll buy it and if we don't they won't.

      Sounds pretty simple and straight-forward to me.

  • Marencai

    what player is this – press pause – still plays??? move to the start – it is not going back ???

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