∞ Analyst: Apple will not release a Verizon iPhone at WWDC

Looking at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, one industry analyst said it is unlikely Apple will release an iPhone compatible with the Verizon wireless networks. This falls in line with what I expect from the conference as well. While it’s highly likely that Apple will show or even release the new iPhone 4G at WWDC, I expect it to be exclusive to AT&T. In short, it’ll be business as usual for Apple and AT&T.

I don’t expect to see a Verizon-compatible iPhone until early 2011 and that’s assuming everything remains equal. Changes to development could push that timeframe back even further.

Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst Gene Munster also said Apple may replace the $99 iPhone 3G with the $199 iPhone 3GS, which would mean a significant price drop in that product. Of course, a new iPhone in the $99 price point could also be introduced to fill that gap.

The iPhone 4G is expected to have a number of new features including a front-facing camera, video conferencing and better battery life.

Advances in iPhone OS 4.0 should also be shown, as well as a release date for that product.

  • melinda

    that sucks. look at the money apple could make by letting version have the iphone. what the heck is the reason apple is holding off? verizon has so many more customers that at&t.

    • bonnix

      Actually, Verizon's total subscriber base is just slightly more than at&t's now.

  • It doesn't suck. It makes sense to continue successful actions. We don't know what all kinds of cooperative actions are involved with the Appple/AT&T exclusivity agreements. They have the right to determine their own strategies. The factual bottom line is that the iPhone continues to sell well, most likely due in no small part to the exclusivity.

    • GadgetGav

      It sells well despite the exclusivity, not because of it. Apple could sell more if it was on Verizon, but they must feel it's not worth having to make a completely different model for the Verizon cell network. GSM works in the entire rest of the world, so why make life complicated. They could go to T-Mo over here, but I don't think anyone really believes that T-Mo would do a better job with the traffic than AT&T has.

      • You must not have much (or much good) experience with relationships. My marriage is good BECAUSE of exclusivity. Must be a foreign concept to you that two companies could have such a relationship which was very good for both entities and then want to preserve it and be mutually faithful to it. And just like a couple, it's nobody's business but theirs exactly why it's so good.

        • Mike

          You would feel differently if your wife was a heroin addicted whore.

          Apple needs to file for divorce ASAP.

  • Crunc

    It does suck. It sucks because many of us would like to choose between providers. Myself, I'd like to see the iPhone on Sprint and T-Mobile as well. Maybe it doesn't suck for Apple (yet), but it sure sucks for customers.

  • GadgetGav

    Wow. I wish I could get paid what Gene Munster gets paid for insights like that. If you go to the WalMart web site you can buy the 16Gb 3GS for $97 today Doesn't take a genius to realize this means the end of the $99 3G…

  • Better bet is on 2012, which is when the 5 yr exclusivity deal runs out.

  • I know the exclusivity now seems a bit beyond the point, but I seem to remember the whole reason Apple went with AT&T in the first place was because they were the only ones willing to work together to put the backend services in place so the iPhone would have visual voicemail, push notices, and other things right out of the door at first launch. So they made a 5 yr deal and they get to stick to it, whether people like or or not — unless we want Apple to just chuck a contract and risk another lawsuit, which would this time be fully justified.

  • Ron Green

    The new iPhone may be announced at WWDC but not released. Why do you think AT&T set the full subsidy date to June 20th?

  • The new features of the iPhone are less than stellar; they are in some areas still playing catch-up with phones from 5 years ago (e.g. front facing camera)..