∞ Apple recommends using Firefox to renew developer accounts

Apple announced the dates for its Worldwide Developers Conference on Wednesday, but developers got a surprise when they tried to renew subscriptions — Apple’s Safari Web browser wouldn’t complete the transaction. One developer that ran into the problem sent a screenshot of the chat he had with Apple about the problem. The Apple rep acknowledged the issue and said it was best to use Firefox to complete the transaction.

Not the best start to a developer conference. It is worth noting that not all developers had this issue. As the screenshot clearly shows, this developer’s browser is not upgraded to the latest version of Safari, which is 4.0.5.

Update: Clarified that the developer was renewing his dev subscriptions 10:54 am PT

  • Perry Clease

    Apple must have hired some people who do websites for community colleges, they are often not too Safari friendly.

  • Jack Johnson

    Looks like Apple has hired an idiot. I seriously doubt that is an official recommendation.

  • Eric

    Funny thing, since I recently updated Safari (the last several weeks) I can't access my Wells Fargo bank account when I'm behind my employer's firewall, but I can with Firefox. At home, no problem with Safari.

    Very odd.

  • Lucas

    not odd at all. as you said the problem happens behind a firewall. that is likely a major part of the issue.

  • Same idiot must have given me the same advice when I contacted Apple with the same problem only on Safari 4.0.5. Was able to get through the entire Mac Dev signup process until the last step where it asks you to login with your Apple ID. At that point it just went into a login loop. The tech support guy told me over IM to use Firefox. It worked. Apple needs a dish or two of dog food.

  • Jack Johnson

    Works for me. Maybe you have a bad cookie or cache file.