∞ iPad 3G models hit U.S. on April 30

Apple announced Tuesday that the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model will be available to those who pre-ordered it early on Friday, April 30, 2010. It’ll also be available in Apple retail stores on the same day, starting at 5:00 PM.

The 3G model has the ability to communicate using AT&T’s 3G data network in addition to a Wi-Fi network. It costs $130 more than the Wi-Fi only model.

In order to work over 3G, users need a data plan that incurs an additional monthly fee, although there are no long-term contractual obligations as there often are for cell phone service plans. Two tiers of service are available – a 250MB/month service for $15 and an unlimited monthly service for $30.

The Wi-Fi only model is not upgradable to 3G – the 3G units sport a Micro SIM card and corresponding slot that enable them to work on AT&T’s data network.

Apple has been telling customers that the 3G version would ship in late April for some time, but this is the first confirmation of a solid date for those systems.

Apple more recently sent out notifications to some customers who pre-ordered the 3G model later than others that their units would ship in early May.

In related news, Apple indicated that the iPad is coming to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK at the end of May. Apple will also announce international pricing (and begin taking online pre-orders) for the iPad on May 10th.

  • I wish they had said "End of April" instead of simply "Late April" for so long. Assuming it would be sometime between the 15th and 25th but not knowing exactly when has been annoying…especially after the 15th.

    …and now it's the latest possible April date. sigh I'll have had my iPad dock (and wifi iPad users) taunting me for a month!

    • U will get a lot more hastle when you realize you can not tether with ur I Phone and your simcard from your iPhone does not work on the Ipad just another ploy to get more money out of ur pocket since tetherimg is possible from the iPhone to other computers I will wait for a while because it is not worth it to me to have two and now three data acounts. I live in Canada and bought an iPad for a friend who couldnot wait. Well I will.


  • hmmh… May I disect? Thanks. Does this mean I will get mine delivered on 30 April, or it ships April 30? I’m guessing I’ll get it on the 30th, but I’d sure like to see it in writing somewhere.

    Checking the Hot News portion of Apple’s site seems to have them stuck in the past at saying iPad is coming April 3. On both my work computer and my iPhone. Where was this announcement published?

  • Does anyone know if the GPS works if you don't get an AT&T 3G connection? I'm not up on the 3G/GPS info and am wondering if the two are linked somehow since they are both not included in WiFi. I'd kind of like to play with the GPS, but if I have to buy AT&T service (I have AT&T for cell phone already — they get enough of my money) it may not be worth it to me…

    • Yes, location finding works on iPads equipped with Wi-Fi. Obviously, you need to have a live Wi-Fi connection for it to function. It's pretty accurate – found my neighborhood just fine, in fact.

      The 3G model works more like what you may be accustomed to if you have an iPhone.