∞ Analyst: Apple sold 600-700 thousand iPads the first day

We don’t know for sure exactly how many iPads Apple had available to sell on Saturday, but one analyst says the number beat his previous expectations. Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst, Gene Munster, on Saturday said he believes Apple sold between 600-700 thousand iPads on the first day. This includes the pre-orders that would have been coming in since March 12.

These new sales predictions are well above the 200-300 thousand units Munster previously expected Apple to sell on the first day.

Munster said his team counted 730 people at Apple’s 5th Ave. store this morning. To compare to previous launches at the same location, there were 350 people in line for the iPhone 3GS and 540 for the iPhone 3G launch.

  • From what I've been able to gather, Apples first shipment from China was in the amount of 700,000. Supposedly 500,000 of these were reserved for pre-order and the rest for walk in retail. When Apple moved the pre-order delivery date up to 4.12.10 it was obvious that the first 500,000 were spoken for. Reports from all over the country have come in stating that some stores sold out while others still have units left. As suspected there weren't lines everywhere.

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  • joshdean

    I thought Muster was known as a conservative guy when it came to these kinds of estimates. Was this just an informal stab on his part blown out of proportion by the blogosphere or did he really mean it to be taken as an official guestimate?

  • JamesH

    i'm not sure about that. We just walked in and bought one in Dallas, no problems. The Apple genius said the crowds weren't even close to iPhone or iPhone 3G levels for first day.

    • bbb

      The crowds were not SUPPOSED to be close to the iPhone (no pre-order). That's the whole point. These sales were all PRE-ORDERED. They were all shipped to peoples homes. Whatever was being sold at the stores was just "gravy".

  • currentinterest

    These numbers include delivered pre-orders, reserved in-store pick-ups, and those actually purchased today. Given that the next time one can get an iPad is April 12, these numbers a re quite possible. Many have ordered the 3G version, that will be the next big wave. One million units in 30 days looks realistic. Quite amazing.

  • In Carlsbad, CA. both lines were long. And the store staff estimated they had enough for almost everyone. It was great.

    And contrary to the characterization I've heard at other sites about the people standing in line, the two people I stood with for about 40 minutes were very interesting people. One was a University Professor and the other was a physicist for Lockheed Martin who used to work for Fermi Lab who designs nuclear weapons. (And had a t-shirt with Ctulhu on it!)

  • Jeff

    All my Apple stores and Best Buy stores in my area had stock of the item at closing today. Demand is poor.

    • Dot

      LOL Only with Apple do people say "demand is poor" when stock is left on a shelf at the end of the first day it is available!

    • Kith

      When the first iPhone was launched, there was still stock at closing time. Does that mean demand for iPhone was poor too?

  • Omphaloskepsis

    There is no way to gauge a national sales number from the activity of a single store in Manhattan. Couldn't Piper Jaffray afford to check out crowds at more than one location? I don't know if I want to trust the opinions of an analyst that doesn't have at least two interns working for them.

    • CommonSense

      Just because the NYC store is the only one mentioned in this story doesn't mean it's he's basing his estimate on. Sheesh.

      • Janey

        Exactly. Reports have been coming in from all over the country that the lines were long, and the things were flying off of the shelves. This isn't even including the Best Buy locations, some of which had to turn people away because they didn't have any iPads.

  • Anon

    To think you had nothing better to do than to call stores on a Saturday night… Sounds demand for you is poor… Lol…

  • John

    walnut creek CA I walked in yesterday at 6pm bought a pad and walked out – 10 minute transaction –

  • Alex Alexzander

    I walked into the San Francisco store at 4:30 and walked out with an iPad in about 4 minutes flat. But keep in mind the following facts:

    1. The iPhone required activation which took a good while.
    2. The iPad doesn't require activation and so the line moves that much faster.
    3. The iPhone could only be bought at the Apple Store opening day. And yet fewer people were in line for the iPhone than the iPad which was getting most of the units delivered to homes. That's impressive.

    It may not appear to be moving, but the iPad is indeed moving in huge volumes.

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  • JohnB

    Funny, that everyone is debating over the quantity of sales and less so over the quality of software or hardware features. I am very glad Apple is so successful and that they are very eager to keep pushing their own envelope and not wait for the Nokias or Samsungs etc to get one up on them. Whether the sales are 300k or 600k it is a remarkable and enviable position for Apple to be in that they have such dedicated users that will buy their products even during this economically depressed period of US history. That being said, I have to say Thank You to Apple for their hard work and never ending commitment to all of us in their pursuit of excellence.