∞ Random House worries iPad could erode e-book prices

Even though Apple has many of the top book publishers signed up for its iBookstore, one of the largest — Random House — is still missing. While the company conceded the iPad and similar products were here to stay, executives are still being cautious.

But the absence of the book market leader would prove a blow to Apple. Markus Dohle, Random House chief executive, did not exclude the possibility of reaching a deal before the iPad goes on sale on April 3, but said he was treading carefully, as Apple’s pricing regime could erode established publishing practices.

Random House fears iPad price war [FT.com]

  • Eric

    Are these people idiots? Apple just messed with Amazon's $9.99 ceiling for eBooks. Now pubishers are getting MORE money!

    Let's just call it a Random act of stupidity.

  • Perry Clease

    Yes, the iPad may erode ebook prices, but on the hand it may sell a lot more ebooks, magazines, and newspapers.