∞ iPhone app sites charging for reviews

It seems that some iPhone app review sites are demanding money from developers in order to write a review of their app. One site, ThePhoneAppReview.com, is offering developers the chance to “expedite” reviews for a $25 charge, but developers have said the site threatened to shun their product altogether. AppCraver.com said developers could expedite a review on the site for $150, although they said developers could not purchase a “good score.” No matter how you look at it, this is a bad practice.

Requiring payment for product reviews is not illegal, but the Federal Trade Commission has frowned on the practice. The commission believes a paid review can easily be the same as a paid advertisement, and consumers as a result may be misled into purchasing a product based on a falsely positive evaluation that was bought.

Pay to Play: Some iPhone App Sites Demand Money for Reviews [Wired]

  • Eric

    That is just wrong. This kind of thing needs to be exposed. Good job Jim!

    (And thanks for the sawbuck for this comment.)

  • Chuck Miller

    So, is that $5 per comment or is that $5 for unlimited comments? 😉

    Too bad this type of conduct occurs. It's a black eye for journalism, and makes it all the harder to convince readers that journalistic integrity still exists.

    • Hey, if you want to pay per comment… I mean, yes it's per comment :p

      It is too bad it happens. It really makes it hard for people to know if what they are reading is true or not.

  • rodger

    This really isn't on, there is no charge for reviews on http://www.totalapps.net

  • This story is one of the reasons why I wish I could add a gray list to my search engines. "Do not include any of the following sources in a search containing these key words."

  • Lucas

    as my dearly departed granny would say "how tacky"

  • Corey

    Nice gig if you can make it work/ Me? I wouldn't have the balls.

  • That would be nice, I agree.

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