∞ Apple adds social networking, iPhone features to iWork.com

Apple on Wednesday added a few new features to its iWork.com Web site, including the ability to share documents on social networking Web sites. With the enhancements, users of iWork.com can now share their documents on Web sites and social networking sites. Apple did this by giving users the ability to create a public link to documents on the service.

Users viewing the public link will not see the document comments or notes, according to Apple.

iWork.com’s iPhone features have been enhanced as well. The Web site now has a redesigned interface for the mobile device, which is optimized for the iPhone.

  • Eric

    iWork has been in beta for so long, one has to wonder if Apple is not becoming more like Google? :S

  • "iWork isn't as popular as we hoped," says the project manager.

    "I know how to fix it," says one brave man. Everyone turns to look at him. Rather than retreat, though, he grows bolder. "Add social networking!"

    The room goes wild. "That will solve all iWork's problems!" exclaims the project manager.

  • Elena-Beth Kaye

    Cute snarkiness, @tewha, but I think the whole (exciting) point is how this will work with the iPad.