∞ Eight reasons Apple sued HTC and not Google

The speculation around the Web has been that Apple sued HTC to get at Google. By suing its biggest licensee, Apple hopes to hurt Google’s operating system business — at least that’s what people think.

Apple has good reasons to fear Android. In the three months from December to February, Android’s US smartphone subscriber share shot up from 2.8 perent to 7.1 percent. Worldwide, in 2009, Android smartphone market share — based on sales — rose from 0.5 percent to 3.9 percent, according to Gartner (The first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, shipped in late 2008). Last month, Google CEO Eric Schmidt asserted that 60,000 Android handsets are shipping by the day.

Joe Wilcox gives eight reasons why Apple chose to sue HTC.

Apple’s HTC patent lawsuit is a bluff [Betanews]

  • Donald Dolan

    I've always hated Apple. They sue people for everything. Supposedly, it was over their touch screen they put into it and claimed that they don't care for healthy competition, but when you take their product that they created and use it as your own, they will show no mercy. In my opinion, thats a load of poo. How are you going to make a different type of touch screen? What is it going to be like in comparison; LED to LCD. Apple didn't invent a touch screen so they should stop while they are at this moment in time. A bunch of people who want to get rich is what Apple is. They did the same thing to Microsoft when they named their deleting tool in Windows "Recycle Bin"! All computers need some form of deleting software. Especially in a case where you have a graphical user interface in an operating system. I hope they go bankrupt!