∞ iPhone, Android users fall for botnet scam

I suppose this is a good argument for why Apple wants to have control of the apps that people have access to on the App Store. Researchers got almost 8,000 people to install an app and while they have created a “malicious version of the app capable of harvesting data, posting fake updates on social networking sites and sending spam,” they haven’t published it. Of course, the only iPhones affected by this problem are jailbroken devices that install apps from Cydia or other similar service.

Smartphone app botnet experiment blows up a storm [The Register]

  • I'm actually not that religious, but a certain phrase comes to mind:

    "The wages of sin is death. . ." Romans 6:23

    This could be interpreted metaphorically: "wages" is what you get; "sin" in this case is doing non standard stuff; and "death" is getting into "trouble" as a result.

    Is this obsession with "choice" and then choosing to do stuff that seemingly has negative gain really worth it? –rhetorical question.

    • so that Text attack back at 3.0 was the Apple God smiling on us? Any device can be Attacked, whether jail broken or not. jailbreak is not sin, and I deeply resent you equating it to such As I am a Christian jailbreaker. free market capitalism is what our society is built upon. antitrust suits were filed against Microsoft just for bundling their software with their OSes. How can it not be antitrust to require users to only acquire software from one source? This is fundamentally wrong. Render unto Caesar, my iPhone is mine. Rhetorical question, have you ever actually had the opportunity to use a jailbroken iPhone? The capabilities that it enables are the things that should have come standard on the iPhone to begin with. The differences are vast, beautiful, and competitive. For instance, there is a text messaging app that sells for $13. I purchased this application. That's $13 Apple could have made. This application fixes all the fundamental flaws with Apple's text messaging app. This is competition. They have a better product. I purchased it from them lawfully. I modified the handheld device that I own (iPhone) so that I could install this application. It's all really straightforward. If I put a set of custom wheels on a brand-new vehicle that I bought, it might void the warranty, but is it a sin. You are like the person who believes it's wrong she meets sacrificed to idols, or maybe a Pharisee. In your world everything is a sin. open your eyes, Apple is not God, jailbreaking is not sin, and the idols are meaningless and lifeless gods.

  • satcomer

    This sounds like something that should be viewed as warning to Android users.