∞ Lost iPhone survives 2 months outside in the Canadian winter

My iPhone is pretty tough, but I had no idea just how resilient these little things are. Chris Noble, the developer of iTouch My Friends for iPhone reports today that he found his iPhone after losing it two months. Noble was apparently ice fishing (yes, he’s Canadian) when he lost his phone two months ago.

Despite all efforts to locate the iPhone when he noticed it was missing, he couldn’t find it. Last night he found it outside by the ice hut.

“I quickly threw it into a bag of rice and placed it under a lamp to defrost,” said Noble on his blog. “Three hours later I plugged it in. I wasn’t expecting much. I mean, really, it had been frozen in snow for the last two months! To my surprise, the phone displayed the low battery message.”

He put a SIM card in the iPhone and everything works. Not bad!

  • Mike

    Love it! This reminds me of those "My gameboy survived a fire" letters they'd publish in Nintendo Power when I was a kid.

  • That's quick thinking with the bag of rice …

  • I did that with my Goddaughter's MacBook when she spilled a drink on it. Worked like a charm.

    • And the best thing is that now the iPhone is conditioned to play for the Canadian Olympic hockey team on Sunday.

  • Czar

    If you're a northerner – of course you'd expect it to work. When it's winter in Canada, Alaska – just name a cold winter place. Not usually a problem with thawing until spring. So the cell phone likely didn't suffer much moister intrusion, so what's the problem? It's not even spring yet! No mystery here on why any phone under similar conditions would be fine as well.

    • AdamC

      Just an experiment to put your theory to the test, put your iPhone (if you own one) in the freezer compartment of the fridge and remove it after 2 months and see whether it still just works.

      • TJL

        Adam: Electronics can survive the cold just fine. I live in Interior Alaska, and have left Laptops, Phones, and other devices in my vehicle at -40F and colder for extended periods and they have all worked just fine. The key is to let them warm back up to room temp before turning them back on.

  • A couple weeks after I got my iPhone 3GS I dropped in a swimming pool. Luckily it landed on the top step and I was able to get it out in about five seconds right after I fished out my mother's Dachshund which is why I was leaning over the pool in the first place. I put it on the dashboard of my car in the July sun for a couple days. Now the WiFi reception is a little weak, but aside from that it's as if nothing happened to it.

  • Maybe he should just play Flick Fishing from now on?

  • j-rod 555

    thats awesome, I would have never thought of the bag of rice, which brings me to the next question who has a bag of rice when they are ice fishing??