∞ Apple announces special event for January 27

Apple on Monday sent an email to select media inviting them to see the company’s “latest creation.”

Of course, it’s been rumored that the event would be for the introduction of Apple’s new tablet. The event is taking place on January 27 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Like many others in the media, I’ve posted my own set of predictions on what tablet will look like and how it will work with existing apps. We’ll know for sure in just over a week.

I’ll be at the event bringing readers live coverage of the announcement, so please join The Loop on January 27.

  • Chuck Miller

    Looking forward to your coverage and already getting excited about Apple's "latest creation."

    • I'm excited about it too.

      • Bill Martin

        Watch for the re-naming of iTunes. Given the expansion of content, well beyond music, look for iGuide to begin handling everything Mac and iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.

  • the Cappy

    Not only is the wait until the 27th killing me, but also the knowledge that after I see it, there’ll be another wait to get my mitts on one! But at least there should be some official Apple developer stuff to read. I hope.

  • Eric

    Looking at the graphic that came with the invitationLooking at the graphic that came with the invitation

    • Eric

      Sheesh, the comment system messed my reply up. I mean to say, the graphic on the invitation made me think the new tablet will be called the iJacksonPollock. B)

  • It's an interesting choice of words and image: "creation" and splattered paint.

    It makes me hopeful this device will be less about consuming and more about creating.

  • That’s the invitation? It looks gorgeous.

  • Like past invites, there's definitely a hidden message in this one. I like the idea of creating vs. consuming. Get the Mac (or Apple, for that matter) back to its original roots. The whole iTunes/iPod/iPhone revolution has been about consumption of media.

    And really hoping the tablet has a camera. Silly if it didn't.

  • fodzoo

    looks like MacPaint?

  • Jon Wright

    Creation as in artistic, hence the colours, so i'm leaning more towards software here.

  • jon Wright

    Creation as in artistic, hence the paint, so i'm leaning more towards software here. Although like everybody else i'm up for seeing an tablet device.

  • David C.

    I'll be really curious, but I'm not so certain about a Tablet announcement. I think it is equally likely that the next generation of iPhone (based on 4G LTE tech) might be announced.

  • if it is a tablet, please make it 2 screens like the courier concept…

    • simone thevenot

      They considered that approach over 20 years ago with the Knowledge Navigator. Obviously Jobs wasn't there at the time because I can't imagine him ever considering two screens. He thinks like an artist, not a techie. If he could make a useful computer with no screen I'm sure he would.

      • Yeah, and that's the reason you won't see two screens. That would no doubt be a kludge without anyone thinking it through. There are enough challenges figuring out text input on a large flat screen without introducing more 'pieces'. Honestly, I can't believe anyone would think Steve Jobs would let something out the door with 2 screens flapping around each other. Take a look at the iPhone/Touch and you should have a reasonable idea of what to expect from an industrial design standpoint. Or did that occur to you?

    • thats very un-Apple, two screens is cool for a PC or Linux world, but for Apple it's too much. Remember that all the great things in Snow Leopard are hidden, he think of us (the powerusers) but his target it's the people that doesn't know and doesn't care but want to spend a lot for trying. lol

  • What if it's just new iPhone colors?

  • Jon Wright

    Creation as in artistic, so maybe were seeing some software as well.

  • Yeah, why a tablet? Last apple event got everybody talking about a tablet, but wow, it did get quiet after that… and personally I think it's time that apple showed the world how SaaS should be done properly. Google and Microsoft are working hard on it and MobileMe is still pretty constricted.

    What about a webbased iLife/Works integrated into you own website with storage/backup and full win/apple/iPhone compatibillity? Now THAT would get me excited!

  • Wiley Cayoti

    Looks like Google has already lost in the Internet/Mobile race into China. Latest news says Google will suspend its plans to launch Nexus One (and its mobile platforms) in China.

  • jo

    i just want the release already!

  • Wiley Cayoti

    You want the release?!! You can't HANDLE the release!!!

    • Ian


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  • hope I can do some logic studio things with it…from a distanse!