∞ Apple files countersuit against Nokia

Apple on Friday said it had launched a countersuit against the world’s largest cellphone maker, Nokia. iphone3gsAccording to Apple, Nokia is infringing on 13 of its patents. Apple’s lawyer was very blunt in his statement concerning the case.

“Other companies must compete with us by inventing their own technologies, not just by stealing ours,” said Bruce Sewell, Apple’s General Counsel and senior vice president.

Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement in October, claiming it had infringed its patents. The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone models shipped since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, claims Nokia.

  • Groxx

    Is there a link to an article which has details on the countersuit? Without anything to back this up, you realize this ranks about as high as hype about Apple’s tablet that OMG is coming out SOONZ.

  • David M.

    Good for Apple. Apple’s been plagued by a bunch of opportunistic con-artists trying to make a few million bucks from Apple’s fat treasury lately. Good on Apple for fighting back.

    The Nokia case does not bother me as much (since Nokia’s patent claims MIGHT actually have some merit).

    What ticks me off are these smaller (tiny) companies that obviously exist only as patent-trolls, and their sole modus operandi is to sit on a bunch of vague patent claims, just so they can prey on rich/successful companies like Apple and the iPhone.

    • Jim Dalrymple

      Agreed. I don’t know what can be done about that, but someone needs to take a close look at that.