∞ IDC predicts Apple tablet to boost mobile 'Net users to over 1 billion in 2010

Market research firm IDC released its predictions for 2010 including one that involves the most talked about unreleased product of 2009, the Apple tablet. iPhone 3GSCalling it the “iPad tablet computer,” IDC says that it expects more than 1 billion mobile devices will be accessing the Internet by the end of 2010, boosted by the arrival of the device. Of course, smartphones will have a larger role to play in the amount of mobile people accessing the mobile Internet, including Apple’s iPhone.

IDC also expects the growth in mobile devices to lead to dramatic increase in the number of applications for the devices. In particular, the company expects the number of apps for Apple’s devices to triple to 300,000 by the end of 2010.

Apple’s apps will not be the only beneficiary — IDC expects Android apps to grow by a factor of five or more.

  • I’m sure the IDC folks keep their crystal ball very well polished and clean, but this is a little bit… well, it’s nutty. Just as nutty as everyone who predicted that the iPhone would fall on its face before it was even announced.

    Sure, mobile Internet access will grow dramatically, but invoking the tablet isn’t necessary.

    • Haven’t you been paying attention?

      I think it’s interesting both how the media suddenly seem to be “getting it” about the profound significance of the Apple Tablet, and how few of you article posters are seeing the writing on the wall.

      The fabled desktop publishing era of the 80s and 90s was yet limited to benefitting mainly conventional print-on-paper publishing. And it benefitted that industry profoundly. Apple and Adobe were the principal movers and shakers of that revolution.

      But the Tablet is coming to a different world which is finally fairly well poised for paperless publishing. It needs a good reader. Not the Kindle or Nook gadgets, but a well-thought-out device backed by a distribution infrastructure as well as a developer infrastructure.

      Knowing Apple as we all should by now, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the Apple Tablet will be yet another modern technological phenomenon.

      You think 300 Apple Stores is a lot. They’re going to need at least five times that number to accommodate all the new customers clamoring for these Tablets as well as the rest of the Apple line via halo effect.

    • haha i forgot they said that the iphone would fall on its face before it was even announced…look at it now..everyone has one….if they don’t have a blackberry that is

  • IDC also predicts that unicorns will bring back glory to horse racing. As well as sparkles.

    • Eric

      Your forgot about the rainbows!

  • I’m not going to lug around a tablet, unless it’s flexible and I can sit on it, by design or accident. This is why Apple nailed it with the iPhone- passes the Pocket Test.

  • I think this could be a great product. Im kinda of excited to see if all the rumors are true that have been flying around for the bast few months. I think if I were to get one I would be hooked for life.