∞ Apple grabs almost half of retail money spent on desktops

The news surrounding Apple’s devices and computers just keeps getting better. Not only is the company’s iPhone flying high, but it seems the desktops are as well. iMacApple’s U.S. retail desktop revenue share for October was 47.71 percent, up from last year when its share was 33.44 percent, according to Joe Wilcox, who dug up the data during an interview with Stephen Baker, NPD’s vice president of industry analysis.

Of course, the release of new iMacs helped Apple’s numbers, but Baker said PC sales declined at the same time as consumers waited for the release of Windows 7 during the same period. Baker also pointed out that the numbers compare a month where a new iMac was released to a month last year when people stopped buying.

“Apple gets a huge bump out of new products that no one else gets,” Baker said. “Those [share increases] haven’t tended to be sustainable in the long term.”

In the same period, Windows-based desktop share dropped from 66 percent to 52 percent. However, Mac laptop sales fell from 38 percent to 34 percent, while PC laptops rose from 61 percent to 66 percent.

  • jr

    So the dark side hardware sales are tilting more to laptops and Mac sales are tilting more to desktops.

    I read that as dark side users wanting to flaunt it and Mac users wanting to keep it to themselves. OK.

  • Cristian Rodriguez

    Apple is doing things right. If you think about it, you want the collage crowed and a Mac or two in every house hold. Enterprise will follow with out coveting it directly. Folks, specially the ones with saying power will want what they use at home, at work. MS can keep all the dumb terminals market. Apple under Jobs has always had a log term strategy. MS is losing clout and Apple is diversifying nicely in to the “what is next after the desktop revolution” era.