∞ GameSalad offers $99 iPhone game publishing

Gendai Games is introducing Thursday its GameSalad Membership Program, which lets users publish games for the iPhone for $99 per year.

gamesaladGameSalad is a game development system that works using a visual interface. It’s been developed to help non-programmers create their own games, complete with logic and physics. You can drag and drop art and sound, then share games on the Web, on the iPhone and iPod touch, and soon on the desktop as well.

The GameSalad Membership Program provides users with two key capabilities: GameSalad Viewer and iPhone export service. GameSalad Viewer is an iPhone app that connects with GameSalad Creator using a wireless connection, so games can be played on the iPhone without having to be built using Xcode first. The iPhone export service converts a GameSalad game and readies it for submission to the App Store.

Gendai Games is offering two tiers of GameSalad membership – a $99 per year “Express” program for casual users, and a $1,999 “Pro” membership intended for studios and professional developers.