∞ Microsoft debuts Bing "Vampire" commercial

I was reading The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs tonight and noticed that Microsoft released a new TV ad for its Bing search engine. Microsoft isn’t exactly known for doing great commercials, but this one is particularly … strange. Although, I did find the Seinfeld spots amusing.

I’ll leave it to Fake Steve Jobs to describe “Bing: Vampire Decision Engine.”

“Sweet God almighty. What is wrong with these people? Do they have no idea at all about how to make an advertisement?”

  • Travis

    As a general rule, I agree the Microsoft commercials are horrible, especially the windows 7 ones, but I have to admit that I like the bing commercials. I love the information overload babble. When I watched the Vampire bing commercial, I couldn’t stop laughing. I guess it goes to show that even Microsoft can do something right… even if it is by accident. JMHO

  • Wrong, wrong, wrong. Ever hear of positioning? You and Microsoft obviously haven’t.

  • SteveS

    I saw the vampire commercial last night. I’m not sure whether I’m more puzzled by the point of that commercial or by the fact that Jim found the Seinfeld commercials amusing. In both cases, it sort of left me scratching my head as I clearly missed the message both commercials were trying to convey.

  • Talk about head scratching, I’m having trouble typing this with both hands!

    What I’m itching to know is: what kind of lunatic(s) is running the show in Redmond? Is this some sort of “shotgun” approach to marketing/advertising? Let’s fling it all up on the wall and see what sticks?

    Do real agencies want nothing to do with MS? I kinda feel sorry for them–not that much.

  • Michael Lewis

    (looks at white search form space on pretty background wallpaper image)

    “This is cool.”

    Bwuh? Man, if that’s cool, she should see the single 8″x8″ sandpainting I have hanging on my featureless white wall as the only decoration in my room. That’s nearly the ultimate in minimalist cool. The only thing that would make it cooler would be to change out the sandpainting for a single-color swatch of fabric.

  • Torstein A.

    Bing & Vampires: Bringing you the Ads that Suck.

  • Inverted

    Honestly I'm a bit proud of them for this commercial! So many are saying that it's Twilight inspired, when it obviously is NOT. They actualy have the vampire smoking (due to the sunlight) where Twilight vampires "sparkle" and they also gave him fangs…fangs that pop out like on True Blood. If they were pulling insiration from anything vampire, it would True Blood, not the sissy Twilight. Sure, they are playing on the vampire explosion that seems to have swept our media, but hey….can't blame them for trying.

    • shpshft

      I Laughed at the end of this commercial~! LOVED IT…. Cracked me up …. Who is that Vampire? Interesting voice and accent. Love the Bing Commercial!~~ Your right its Not Twilight inspired! Its "Moonlight" inspired HAA The show that was First in 2008 to re-start the vamp craze and then get cancelled 🙁

      • June

        What did you find so funny about the commercial? I still don't think it makes much sense…..

  • Linda

    Love it, love it, love it!

  • what was that?


  • Mary

    I don't get the punchline of the Bing commercial…

    Is the girl supposed to be his naive victim? Why does she laugh? I have seen the commercial many times and I still don't get it.

    • Mike

      I can't agree with you more. It frustrates me every time I watch it.

    • pattigrl

      the girl knows he is a vampire,he feeds on her