∞ Psystar releases software to install Mac OS X on regular PCs

Psystar, the Miami-based PC manufacturer that’s still in a protracted legal battle with Apple over selling PCs that come pre-installed with Mac OS X, has begun offering Rebel EFI – software that lets any generic PC run Mac OS X. It costs $90, though Psystar is selling it for $50.

HardwareThe software reportedly lets PCs equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 or Xeon Nehalem CPUs to run Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard.” A limited-function demo is available for download from Psystar’s Web site.

Psystar reportedly is starting an approval program that will vet specific PC components to work with their software. “The most common hardware set-ups are compatible, and through PsyLabs we will continue to work toward the Rebel EFI supporting an ever-broader range of hardware profiles,” reads a statement.

In related news, Psystar notes that Rebel EFI works with Microsoft’s newly-released Windows 7 operating system.

  • I REALLY want to know who is putting the cash behind this operation.

  • motionmind

    I’m putting up cash if this software works well enough.

    • Jim Dalrymple

      Let us know if it works.

  • macboy

    Look here and save your money.


    Users journal building his own HackMac.

  • Gustav

    Ever wonder why MacOS X costs less than Windows at retail?

    Where do people think the money to develop MacOS comes from?

    If people continue to to build hackintoshes, Apple will solve the problem – unfortunately, we’re probably not going to like the solution.