∞ Schiller: MacBook is Apple's best selling Mac ever

If you thought the iMac is Apple’s best selling computer ever, you would be wrong. MacBookIn a conversation I had on Tuesday with Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, he said Apple’s best selling computer ever was the MacBook.

According to Schiller, Apple sold more then 10 million MacBooks since it launched.

That actually makes a lot of sense when I thought about it. The MacBook has always been the least expensive notebook from Apple and it appeals to the widest audience.

From executives to individuals, students, schools and entire U.S. States, the MacBook has been a favorite computer since its introduction. The large orders for MacBooks keep coming in. Earlier this year, Maine placed an order for 71,000 MacBooks for the Maine Learning Technology Initiative.

The updated polycarbonate-clad MacBook released earlier today features an LED-backlit display, multi touch trackpad and 7-hour battery, starting at $999.

Update: Added the number of MacBooks sold. 12:47 pm PT

  • auramac

    But why’d they have to take away Firewire?

  • jr

    Evidently USB 3 is faster than Firewire and to be released b4 Christmas. That doesn’t help owners of Firewire peripherals though.

  • David

    They put video editing software but no firewire port. Many vid cameras have to have firewire to transfer the video. I will not purchase this macbook. Also when is Apple going to drop the white case. It is old and looks dirty as it is used.

  • jr

    My concern is the embedded battery. Does that mean what I think it means, not user replaceable?

    Would be nice to know whether that battery will last the “life” of the MacBook. Heh, bet Apple’s interpretation of “life” would be at odds with this skinflint’s version.