∞ Sidekick user data recovered, says Microsoft

Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that “most, if not all” data from the catastrophic server failure affecting Sidekick users has been recovered. 250x270“We plan to begin restoring users’ personal data as soon as possible, starting with personal contacts, after we have validated the data and our restoration plan,” said Roz Ho, vice president Premium Mobile Experiences at Microsoft, in a note on the company’s Web site.

Ho said after contacts have been restored, Microsoft would work around the clock to restore other personal data, “including calendar, notes, tasks, photographs and high scores, as quickly as possible.”

Despite the large outcry from users, Ho said the company believes the data loss affected a minority of Sidekick users.

“We have determined that the outage was caused by a system failure that created data loss in the core database and the back-up,” said Ho. “We rebuilt the system component by component, recovering data along the way. This careful process has taken a significant amount of time, but was necessary to preserve the integrity of the data.”

  • kevin

    Sure, but I bet they don’t recover any actual users!

  • Eric

    I wonder if they used DriveSavers? A friend sent a hard drive to them and it was going to cost something like $1,200 to recover the data. But MS can afford it. Especially with Azure’s hopes hanging on them recovering this data.

    Will Shipley had a great Tweet the other day on this subject and Roz Ho. But I won’t repeat it here 🙂

    • Jim Dalrymple

      Probably best not to repeat it.

  • Arthur Langereis

    I love how you subtly highlighted her title: VP of Premium Mobile Experiences at Microsoft.

    So apparently, this is the premium experience. I can imagine that with their cheaper subscriptions paid goons come to your house to steal your phone and kick your dog.

  • Foris

    Yeah, “VP of Premium Mobile Experiences”… corporate speak for “this is the best you can expect from Microsoft, sorry”.

    This whole press release smacks of corporate-speak, trying to paper over the whole user nightmare which still isn’t solved. Too little, far, far too late.