∞ Apple offers new resource for finding iPhone, iPod touch apps

Apple on Tuesday rolled out a new resource on its Web site for users that want to find apps for the iPhone or iPod touch. appsforeverythingThe new section, called “Apps for Everything” breaks down the apps into numerous categories. These include apps for Cooks, Keeping Current, The Great Outdoors, Music, Work, Students, Moms & Dads, Working Out, Going Out, Managing Money, Traveling, and Fun & Games.

“Once you discover the App Store, you’ll see how applications can make your iPhone do just about anything,” says Apple’s Web site. “There are thousands of iPhone apps to choose from. Here are a few that will help you get the most out your iPhone, wherever you go.”

Each category gives you a selection of apps available on the App Store and links to the app’s App Store page.

  • James Rankin

    Well, it’s been a long time coming, and it is a start — a good one at that.

    Having said that, I’d like to see more choice, or perhaps have each categorized page leave a bit more scope for further choices.

    How many apps are there now; about 30,000, maybe? Instead of having the same staff’s picks on each page, and in all categories, it might be an idea to create a staff’s picks that are specific to its parent category.

  • Jim Dalrymple

    There are 85,000 apps on the store now.

  • James Rankin

    Eighty-five thousand! Blimey, that is a lot. LOL

    Btw, I like your web site. It has an interesting music section, which I sometimes like to delve into.

  • Jim Dalrymple

    LOL, yeah it’s a lot 🙂

    Glad you like the music section. Anything in particular you’re looking for in music stories?

  • About time, Apple! Now I might think about getting some new apps if I can find the right ones….