∞ Snow Leopard outsells Leopard and Tiger in first two weeks

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is proving to be a very popular release for Apple, according to a new report from market research firm, NPD. Mac OS X Snow LeopardAccording to the data collected by NPD, Snow Leopard sales in the first two weeks have “far exceeded” those of Mac OS X Leopard and Tiger, the company’s previous two operating systems. NPD pegs Snow Leopard sales at more than twice that of Leopard and almost four times higher than Tiger.

“We’re thrilled that customers are loving Snow Leopard for being a simple and affordable upgrade, Snow Leopard includes built in Exchange support and hundreds of refinements to the world’s most advanced operating system,” said Apple spokesperson Bill Evans.

What’s interesting about the latest sales data is sales didn’t decline as much for the new operating system after the initial purchasing frenzy after a new product is introduced. NPD says sales declined about 25 percent after the first week for Snow Leopard, but declined more than 60 percent for the previous two operating systems.

“Even though some considered Snow Leopard to be less feature-focused than the releases of Leopard or Tiger, the ease of upgrading to Snow Leopard and the affordable pricing made it a win-win for Apple computer owners — thus helping to push sales to record numbers” said Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD.

While Apple enjoys its post-release success, Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows 7, its follow-up to Vista. A survey in July showed that 60 percent of companies will skip Windows 7, at least right away.

Update: Added statement from Apple. 2:04 pm PT 9/17/09

  • bugmang

    So there are a number of details that were left out of the press release that should be considered.

    1. Overall, the installed user base (I’m assuming) has grown since the time Tiger & Leopard were released. As such, there would be more total machines in use. This suggests to me that over time (assuming the user base continues to grow) sales would increase in terms of total numbers but say little about what proportion of the user base has upgraded.

    2. What type of sales are involved? Retail boxed versions? Up-to-date upgrades with machines purchased since June but before machines were released that included Snow Leopard as the default installation? This becomes important when considering how Tiger & Leopard’s numbers are calculated. Are they the same? Without these details, I’m not really sure how to take the news. Different assumptions on this issue can lead to markedly different conclusions.

    3. The week-to-week numbers are pretty much uninformative (without details on numbers 1&2 above). In my personal experience, I had a hard time getting snow leopard from my local outlet because they underestimated the number of copies the local market would consume and sold their available copies rather quickly. This outage continues now, nearly three weeks since it’s release making me wonder if there is some (potentially artificial) limitation in supply. I managed to get mine from Apple’s online store a few days after release.

    4. Lastly, do these numbers include Apple’s direct sales? I would assume so; but because it hasn’t been a full month, I wonder if these reports are based off of estimates, brick-n-mortar store receipts, etc. Details are fuzzy.

    If someone could shed some light on these it would be a better (or worse) story than it seems.

    • I don’t care about these details. All I care about is that Snow Leopard seems to be selling well.

      I know I, for one, like it on my iMac 3.06GHz dualie. Everything runs faster, and I like the new features, such as when you click and hold on a running app’s dock icon, you see it alone and whether there are any docs or windows open without having to switch to it.

      Extensis just released an update to Suitcase Fusion 2 which includes SL compatibility. Adobe CS4 apps work well, so it’s all good, as far as I’m concerned.

  • andy thorne

    Surely it is because it is far cheaper than previous operating systems!?

    However, it doesn’t work well with CS3.

    • You’ve got to move on, man! Upgrade to CS4!

      I attended a city council meeting last night. Bunch of whining bums who didn’t want a property tax increase. Five-member council voted 3-2 to approve the increase. That was good. We have to pay the price to maintain and IMPROVE services and the quality of life in our town.

      No big differences in principle between that and IMPROVING services and the quality of life on the Mac platform.

      Life has to EXPAND to survive. Nothing less will do. Anything less contracts and dies.