∞ Munster: Steve Jobs will likely keynote music event

Apple on Monday sent out invitations to a special event being held in San Francisco on September 9. While nobody knows the details, Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst, Gene Munster, expects Apple CEO Steve Jobs to host the event. Apple Music Event InviteIn a research note to clients on Tuesday, Munster said he expects Jobs to announce new a new iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod Classic, all with cameras. He also expects a new version of iTunes with integrated social networking and changes to the iTunes Store.

“It is difficult to confirm the magnitude or timing of content changes, given the related negotiations with content owners, but some possibilities include new music features with richer album artwork,” said Munster.

One product that won’t be at the event is the rumored tablet. The Loop has already confirmed that the tablet will not be part of the the September event.

If Jobs were to key note the music event, it would be his first public appearance since taking a leave of absence in January for a liver transplant.

  • James Gowan

    Herman needs to shutty. He has no idea. He’s simply talking.

    But IF he’s right and El Jobso comes to the stage, he’s going to be pimping more than iPods or even a new AppleTV. It’ll be the new tablet. He won’t keynote an event unless it’s the next revolutionary product.

  • James Gowan

    One more thing…

    The only couple of reasons I can see Jobs keynote this event are (1) Beatles comes to iTunes (which seems unlikely to me due to the fact that they’re own event is the same day [time zone stuff hurts my head so I’m not going to pretend to know exactly how a Paul McCartney appearance would fit into Apple’s, so I won’t even try.])

    and (2) Tablet.

    Considering this is a music event, Tablet is a no-go for launch.

    If the Beatles doesn’t go to iTunes, I see no reason for Jobs to shoot his appearance wad on mere iPod updates (camera or no) —

    Jobs keynoting is big — it can only be the third coming of Steve Jobs once.