∞ BlackBerry jumping ahead of iPhone with full Flash support

Research in Motion is planning to offer its BlackBerry users support for the full version of Flash in an update expect next summer. iPhone 3GSThe support being added to the BlackBerry browser is not for the lesser Flash Lite version, but for the full version of Flash. This will most certainly give RIM another bragging point over rival Apple as smartphones become increasingly popular among consumers.

Apple answered most of the concerns from consumers and businesses when it released iPhone OS 3.0. Increased security and features like copy and paste, and Spotlight Search gave users a full-featured operating systems on their iPhones, but Flash is still absent from the iPhone.

Adobe has characterized Flash on the iPhone as “a hard technical challenge” and said that Apple and Adobe “are collaborating” on getting the technology to work on the platform.

  • Jumping ahead? Don’t you mean jumping behind?

  • Jim Dalrymple

    Yes, I suppose it could mean that too 😉

  • James Gowan

    JThrasher said in a tweet: “BlackBerry is getting FULL Flash support on future models. Apple falls behind, yet again.”

    If RIM was adding Flash today or tomorrow, I could say that you might have a point at kicking Apple’s nads, but tooting your horn 12 months early is not cool. That’s a Microsoft maneuver. That’s something you do in desperation, hoping it will keep people from going into a 2 year commitment with an iPhone today.


  • Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Since Flash runs to poorly on Macs – given Adobe’s awful programming – and given how most if not all web browser crashes are caused by Flash, this is not that great of an advantage for the BlackBerry.

    Go ahead, Blackberry, off the cliff you go.

  • BayouMan

    Well, since Blackberry doesn’t support Macs in any way shape or form, what good is this story to us Mac faithful?

    Mac users gave up on RIMM a long time ago because of their apparent disregard for the platform and Mac users dollars.

    Too bad, so sad. They’re paying for it now. After going through four Crapberry’s, my boss finally gave in and went to an iPhone. And never looked back. Mine isn’t provided by the office. I had to pay for it. Gladly. I use it so much, I run the battery out daily by about 8 p.m.

  • Lachlan

    What good is Flash – all I see are Flash adverts … Personally I’d prefer the future web to be free of mind-numbing adverts.

    The new practice of forcing users to sit through an advert before they get to see the content they clicked on is particularly galling.

  • D9

    Next summer?! Will this even be an issue by that time?

    I mean, we’ve had iPhones without Flash for over 3 years now, and while initial complaints seemed understandable, it has not stopped sales to exceed expectations. While Copy/Paste, better camera and faster performance were well ahead of Flash compatibility in the complaints box for previous models, I still don’t hear a clamoring for Flash now that 3GS/OS 3 have addressed those issues.

    I’d suggest that with the number of web sites that now provide or are going to provide mobile versions of their sites, the iPhone (as well as other web-savvy smartphones) is generating more web development attention than Flash…and certainly will be by next summer!

  • iphonerulez

    Supposedly, one of the most important things about having an enterprise-based platform is letting companies know well in advance what your future products are going to offer. It seems stupid to me, but that’s how it supposed to work. This is one of the reasons always given as to why the iPhone will never make it in the enterprise because Apple doesn’t like tipping it’s hand too soon.

    I don’t like Flash on the Mac because it’s a resource hog, but Flash is not going to go away. I believe it should be available if necessary, but for those that don’t want it, have a disabling option. The iPhone not having Flash will allow other platforms to have bragging rights. I say if Apple doesn’t want it, fine. They know what they are doing and the absence of Flash will not damage the Apple mobile platform for consumers.

    However, the enterprise may be a different situation. I guess they need support for everything. That’s that legacy crap again, so I understand why the BB really has to support Flash or Silverlight whether it’s practical or not.

  • I’m laughing because this was my immediate thought after skimming past this headline 🙂 Flash is the ultimate resource pig, which translates into “kryptonite” for mobile devices. Go to it RIM users, Flash is all yours for the taking! Hopefully fate will spare the rest of us!