∞ Report: Apple planning an event in September

An Apple event in September is probably one of the worst kept secrets in the tech industry. Apple uses this event to get its products into stores in time for the lucrative holiday shopping season. For the last several years Apple has held an event in California to usher in new versions of its market leading iPod products. The iPod touch debuted at one such event and Apple also used a September keynote to killed off the iPod mini, its most popular iPod at the time, in favor of the iPod nano.

Peter Kafka reports on AllThingsD.com that “multiple music industry sources say Apple executives have told them the company is planning one of its famed keynote events for the week of Sept. 7.”

In addition to the new iPods, onlookers expect Apple could unveil its new album format on iTunes and perhaps get a glimpse of the rumored tablet.

Perhaps the biggest draw at the event will be seeing Steve Jobs make his first public appearance since taking a leave of absence earlier this year.

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  • Gil

    I really fear that the September event will be considered a failure due to the hype surrounding the “iTouch” tablet, mainly cause it ain’t gonna happen. The timing is just not right. It’s amazing that 2009 has been great, often historic for Apple revenue wise, yet the stock really hasn’t translated.

    I believe Apple’s focus for 2010 will be strategic growth through very well timed product introductions and upgrades. If September 2009 indeed sees iTunes 9 with new video capabilities (blue ray) etc., as well as a new app able to pull multiple social interactive websites together, then that may be a clue to what we’ll see later in 2010.

    Besides selling over 10 mil iPhones in China, I think to keep growing (the perceived value) Apple will have to unveil at least two major “one more things” in 2010; one will be the “iTouch” tablet, and the other will be getting VERY serious about a hobby..

  • Scott Thompson

    Event in September? Seems there was something supposed to be released in September. What was that? Hmm… Snow… something…

  • Jim Dalrymple

    You’re right Scott, but I don’t think you’ll see SL at the event.

  • steve

    I’d say the September event, if it’s real, points to the Beatles coming to iTunes.

  • John Baxter

    There was a time when an Apple event was the Friday afternoon gathering for pizza.

    This just in: Apple is expected to stage a press event in September, 2015. You read it here first.

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