∞ Tax-free weekend brings customers to the Apple Store

This weekend shoppers in Missouri can enjoy shopping without paying tax on a lot of items, including computers. Many customers took advantage of the savings by heading to their local Apple retail store to pick up computers and software. The pictures below are from Apple’s Country Club Plaza store in Kansas City.

Apple's Country Club Plaza store in Kansas City

Photo Credit: Brad Gibson

According to Missouri’s Department of Revenue, the tax-free status runs from 12:01 am on the first Friday in August and ends on the following Sunday.

Apple's Country Club Plaza store in Kansas City

Photo Credit: Brad Gibson

Consumers get several categories of products tax free like clothing under $100; school supplies under $50; computer software under $350; and computers/computer equipment under $3,500.

Photo Credit: Brad Gibson

Photo Credit: Brad Gibson

If you’re in Missouri, you still have a couple of days left. The sale runs from August 7-9, 2009.

  • Bob

    It’s a lot more than just Missouri. A number of other states are also holding tax-free holidays this weekend that include computer purchases.



  • Dan

    We could use a tax free day up here too! Seems so logical for a state to do, but not many states seem to think so… too bad.

  • Michael Adams

    Florida discontinued theirs due to budget shortfalls. They never included computers anyway, though.

  • robinson

    What’s with the umbrellas? A store give-away? But there’s no Apple logo.

    Was it hotter than Hades in the sun? Had it been raining earlier in the day?

    Sun or rain, these folks are standing in line under an overhang, so what gives?

  • Rain or shine it’s good to be in an Apple store line.

  • Jim

    Yup, the umbrellas are for the sun. KC in August is not pleasant.