∞ Apple wins case against consumers claiming iPhone TV ads were misleading

“There’s an app for that.”

iPhone 3GSThat’s a phrase that’s all too common these days, as Apple’s television spots remind us that no matter what you want to do, you can do it with an app on the iPhone. But not everybody in the U.K. thought that was true. The Advertising Standards Authority received 10 complaints from consumers saying the ads were misleading. Specifically, the voice-over on the commercial stated that the apps were “only on the iPhone.” The complaints argued that the G1 had a store where applications could also be downloaded.

Apple’s position was that the “only on the iPhone claim” followed directly from the phrase “theres an app for just about everything.” They also argued that the App Store provided a unique experience not offered by any other company.

Apple pointed to the number of apps it offers, now more than 65,000 and the multitouch features of the phone itself.

Ultimately, the Advertising Standards Authority agreed with Apple. In rendering its decision it said that “viewers would understand the claim “Only on the iPhone” to refer to the range of apps available and the user experience of the App Store and iPhone, and not that they were the only company to provide applications for mobile phones.”

Because they were “justified and not misleading,” Apple can continue to show the ads on TV.

  • Jim

    I see that scumbags looking to make a quick buck and access to a cheap lawyer are not limited to the U.S.A. anymore.

    Glad to see that at least the courts in the U.K. have half a brain and didn’t allow this type of B.S. to proceed any further.

  • “Shutting up whiney, litigious people with nothing better to do with their time than nit-pick corporate slogans in hopes of weaseling some cash…..there’s an app for that!”

  • Torstein A.

    The thing that annoys me about Europe (and I know because I have lived there) is that Europe LOVES to initiate frivolous and stupid anti-business and anti-corporate lawsuits.

    A perfect example are the dozens and dozens of little stupid lawsuits that various Euro nations have piled up on Microsoft. Now, I’m no fan of MS. And in a few cases, lawsuits that attempt to slap MS for monopolistic practices is a good thing for all consumers. But jeeez…. I have seen so many really STUPID nitpicky lawsuits against companies like MS. How in the hell can they even do business in Europe with so many rules and regulations and limitations leveled against them??

  • Its good that apple can continue to show the adds on the TV as this is the very best way to get information about new products.