Apple retail stores can now replace broken iPhone screens

Apple has expanded the services offered by its retail stores to include fixing damaged iPhone screens.

[ad#Google Adsense 300x250 in story]The Loop has confirmed that if your iPhone has a broken screen and you take it to an Apple retail relocation, they have the capability to fix it on the spot. The machine (think big suction cup), which is located out of customer view in the back of the store, reportedly separates the iPhone from the screen, allowing a new one to be installed.

Of course, your screen doesn’t have to be completely smashed to need some sort of replacement done. Some users have reported dust particles on the inside of the screen as well.

All three models of the iPhone can have there screens replaced at a store under this program. Unfortunately, due to the way they are built, iPod touch screens cannot be replaced.

If your phone is under warranty and the screen needs to be replaced due a defect with the device, there is no cost to have the screen replaced at a retail store. However, if it’s not a warranty issue, the cost of having the screen replaced is $199.

The displays are the only warranty work being done in the retail stores these days. The stores also have to ability to fix or replace damaged audio components in the iPhone.

Of course, allowing its retail staff to fix minor issues in the store cuts down on the amount of time customers are potentially without their iPhones. That makes for some happy customers.

If you decide you’d like to tackle the problem yourself, you can always follow Jeff Carlson’s DIY guide over at TidBITS.

Update: Added link to TidBITS article. 12:00 p.m. PT 7/2/09

Update 2: Included information about the iPod touch and warranty pricing. 2:16 p.m. PT 7/2/09

  • Jimmy

    How much does it cost?

    • wellabove

      costs well above $400 for sure :p

      More Apple Crap I read day by day… just hate it so much……

      an EX Apple Customer

  • Jim Dalrymple

    If it’s under warranty, it’s a free fix. Just like if you had to send it away, except you just wait a few minutes for them to do it.

    • John Noh

      No, it is NOT free. If your screen is cracked, they tell you that your warranty is now void and they charge you $200 to fix it. You can find repair kits on the internet and other companies to fix it for way cheaper.

      • jamie bishop

        your wrong yes it is free

  • Fred

    Jim, Jim – Murphy’s Law requires that I wait until the day after my warranty expires before any damage occurs to my Precious…

    So how much does it cost then?

  • Jim Dalrymple

    LOL I see you and I have the same luck Fred! If it’s not under warranty, you’d have to check with the staff at the store.

  • Keisuke Omi

    I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen a few weeks ago. I took it to the Apple Store the other day and the guy at the Genius Bar told me I had 3 options:

    1) Pay $199 to get the screen assembly (glass, screen, sensors near/behind the screen, the home button, but not the silver area around the screen) replaced on the spot. Warranty will be intact. This will take 5~10 minutes. 2) Don’t bother fixing it and go get a 3GS if I qualified. This will take just a few minutes. 3) Send the iPhone to some 3rd party screen repair shop in Tennessee that Apple recommends. This will take a few days to a week and voids warranty.

    I picked option 1 and had the screen assembly replaced on the spot. I had to sign the usual waver just in case any data was lost during the repair. Minutes later I walked out the store with an iPhone with a crack-free screen.

    • David

      I tried one of these 3rd party screen repair shops in Florida called Overall I was pretty impressed, they had my Phone back to me in just a few days and it looked like new. Regarding the warranty, I may be wrong but doesn’t accidental damage (like a shattered screen) void the warranty anyway?

      • GwenLi

        I work through a 'third-party' repair shops. Impact damage voids almost all warranties on electronics. However, if you have Apple replace the screen for a whopping $199+, then you can keep your warranty in place. At least this is the way I understand it. Most of our customers opt to have us do it because the warranty is close to running out anyhow or they just don't care enough/aren't worried enough about the warranty to pay the $199+. It is generally a VERY quick & easy, VERY cheap repair and charging $199 is just highway robbery. Sometimes I feel guilty charging $65!

        • dave

          How do I bring Iphone back to 3.1.2? How do I uninstall? I have had no luck tethering with 3.1.3.

    • Jeni Davis

      Do you remember the 3rd party screen repair shop in Tennessee?  I live in Tennessee and just smashed my iPod touch and can’t find anywhere that can fix it.

      • Johnhodosi

        geek squad or get on huntsville craigslist and search i phone 4 screen if u live near huntsville he can fix u up

  • Mark

    Any idea if Apple Stores can also replace the broken glass on an iPod Touch?

    • Jim Dalrymple

      Good question Mark. I’ll check around and see what I can find out.

    • Hannah

      No they cant fix those due to something like the way they are made or something

    • GwenLi

      You can get 3rd party shops to do it but it is much harder than an iPhone and therefore very expensive. If you can catch one on sale, you're better off buying a new one.

    • jamie bishop

      yes they can

  • Tony

    I had a new 3GS shipped to me on release day, and the far-left .25″ or so of the screen could not be interacted with or clicked. I took it in to one of the Apple retails stores in Austin last night and after getting to the front of the line I had my screen replaced and was on my way with no questions asked in less than 10 minutes. One of the floating reps mentioned that a number of the employees in the store had received iPhones with similarly defective screens.

    I was impressed both with the speed and the friendliness, considering I had to speak with a half dozen people over 3 days to get my defective 1st generation iPhone replaced in-store the week after I bought it at initial release.

  • Dallas

    Is this just for the 3G/3GS? Wondering if my wifes original iphone can be done in store also.

    • Jim Dalrymple

      I’m checking on that Dallas.

  • Ryan

    I have several annoying dust particles trapped under the screen of my 3G. Do you know if Apple will use their machine to just open it up and blow out the dust? Would it still be $199 even if there’s no actual damage to the glass?

    • Natasha

      oh! I found milliamp and emailed them about it. because I was missing part of the rubber trim thing, it let dust get in there (or at least that's what they told me was causing the problem). I haven't sent it quite yet (just haven't done it yet), but it's 12 bucks! :) i think there is shipping too, but they sounded pretty legit IMO. hope that helps bc $12 vs $200 is well worth it!!!

  • Robert M. Gary

    For iPhones that are still under warranty, the minimum charge is $200. So changing a cracked screen is $200. You will need an appointment in the store to talk to someone.

    • Lyndsayf2009

      I ave an iPhone 4 I broke it got a new 1 then droped it to day wanna get the screen fixed then sell it it’s still new only got it the other day!!

  • Grover


    I can not imagine anything that might be described as a big suction cup could replace the glass on the first gen iPhone. The 3G and 3GS are constructed very differently than the first iPhone, and the glass can not be replaced independently of the screen itself.

  • Bradly Feeley

    FWIW.. If you get an iPhone at BestBuy you can get their “Black Tie” insurance. It covers accidental damage and they fixed my shattered glass without any problems. Took 4 days, but they gave me a loner phone while it was being fixed.

    • appleSpecialist

      That’s nice but very amateur on their part. I work at an apple specialist and though they don’t allow us to work on warranty issues, all of our glass/LCD components are fixed within an hour. 4 days, even with a loaner phone is painful. Not to mention the geek squad going through all your personal data during that time. I’m getting many reports that if you take your broken screen to an apple store and are honest about what happened, they’re more often than not, very generous and replace your glass on the spot free of charge. Apple has given their employees great flexibility on this to keep their customers happy. Technically they’re not required to fix it at all unless you pay them. AppleCare is a warranty, not an insurance plan. You won’t find any documentation saying they will fix the screen for free. I only know this from my own experience and many customers I see everyday. Andy Inhatko has mentioned this same fact on macbreak weekly after he put a call out for people with experience from this to contact him and received an overwhelming positive response. It all seems to depend on who you talk with at the store and whether they got laid the night before.

  • Mau

    @Jim Dalrymple

    Even if your phone is under warranty they will not do it without charging you $200. Screen breakage is considered accident/abuse, and it not only does not qualify for in-Warranty repairs but it actually voids the warranty of your iPhone. Which is really annoying. If your phone stops working because you dropped it and cracked something, outside and inside, you are out of luck.

    Two days ago my phone’s screen chipped, I brought it to the store yesterday, and that’s what they stated. So yes, they will charge you.

    If someone out there has proof that it IS covered under warranty, please please please post the notice or something because I really don’t want to pay $200 for the new screen, nor get a new iPhone just yet.

  • Jim Dalrymple

    Okay, I got answers to the iPod and what model iPhones can be replaced. I’m posting that info to the story now.

  • Jim Dalrymple

    Mau, I’m checking on the price now.

  • Jim Dalrymple

    Mau, if it’s a warranty issue, it will be free, otherwise a $199 charge.

  • Mau

    @Jim Dalrymple

    I understand, but screen breakage not only is NOT covered by your warranty, it will actually void it.

    • shay

      just pay $99.00 and have repaired somewhere else. Apple said it voids screen only and not device when i called tonight. IPIX in Louisiana Phone #985-969-5671

  • V

    My iPhone screen has been replaced 2 within 3 weeks. First the screen went white on me. I was able to receive calls but couldn’t do anything else. Then after 2 weeks of having a new display the lower part of my iPhone became unresponsive. So far I have no problems with that.

    • shay

      Mine did this and all I had to do was turn off and turn back on. Just has to feel around and try to find the slide bar since could not see it. Now no issues with it after a couple times of it occuring. I previously cracked screen . ONe crack through middle but ok to still use without screen replaced. so much trouble for an expensive phone. If they dont warranty these, I would think we would all notice something is up and not as good as all the hype for this fragile irritating device. And by the way, dont think if the phone is dead and needs charging your calling 911 to fast if the bad guys come calling. You may want to tell the killers to give you 15 for your phone to charge and turn on. Irrititating device in all areas.

  • V

    I work in an Apple Store. The original iPhone’s screen can NOT be replaced in store. The construction is completely different from the 3G and 3GS. The article needs to be corrected.

    • Slcfootballstar2

      Hey V. I recently cracked my iPhone but it works perfectly, even the tilt and everything. Woul it still cost $200 to repair the screen?

  • Jim Dalrymple

    Hi V. Not that I don’t believe you, obviously if you’re working on them, you would know, but I did confirm that all three models were supported.

    I’ll check again, but the answer was very clear.

  • Daniel Ryan

    Had mine replaced today (fortunately in warranty). Took about 5 minutes. They did accidentally leave a loose connection that caused my home button, dock connector and speaker to not work, but fixed it just as fast.

  • Jim Thorpe

    I’ll sign on with V, and say I doubt the original iPhone screen can be replaced in-house. I used to work at the Palo Alto store, and still have a few contacts there, so I’ll check with them. Jim, I hope your sources are right…it would be good news indeed. But from my experience, not only is the original iPhone’s replacement part prohibitively expensive, it’s also just a real pain to operate on one of those devices without damaging it. I’ll report back with my findings, and hope it helps. I figure, with the store that’s in Apple’s backyard, they’re likely to be a part of this in-store replacement program.

    • Todd

      A week after buying my 3G my son knocked it off my bedside table and cracked the screen. I bought a replacement online and did the job myself. It isn't rocket science.

  • Shogo

    This is not new news. Apple Stores in the UK have been doing this for ages. I had mine replaced several months ago for 130 GBP (British Pounds).

  • joe

    They’re There Their

    Learn it, love it, live it.

  • V

    Just to make sure, I checked into it further at work today. No such part (display) exists in Apple’s system for the original iPhone. The only “repair” that can be done on the original phone is a swap.

  • Mathieu Tozer

    I went to get mine done and they tried 3 new screens and the phone wouldn’t turn on. They put the old smashed up one back on and it worked…. quite disappointing :(

  • Kelly

    I find it amazing that if you don’t have a contract with Apple/ATT you can buy an new iphone for 99. However, if you have a contract, it’s going to cost at least 199 to fix a cracked/chipped screen. If the phone is completely broken, it’s going to cost 699 to replace the old one. Amazing.

    • PeterPan

      Just buy all your phones off contract and unsubsidized, then 199 sounds like a bargain for a repair. That’s what you get for selling your soul to the devil. Most homeowners/renters insurance now can cover mobile electronics for about a $50 deductible. The premium isn’t that expensive either.

  • joe

    My ipod touch screen is crack, where can send it to get repaced?

    • Curtis

      It your screen is “crack” then just smoke it…

  • Mathieu Tozer


    You can’t walk in and just pick up a phone in the box – believe me I tried to when I went in to get the old one fixed!

  • Darryl

    I was very upset to hear that apple was charging $199 to do this. I paid $199 for my phone originally! I then found They repaired my phone and had it back to me in a flash. The best part is thier price is only $69.99! I was very happy with the repair.

  • ha

    You can get a replacement glass for $10 free ship on ebay this is what’s usually broken.. if you have cracks but can still see a functioning lcd–tools included! $10! Pays to shop around..

  • Jesus Reyes

    Has Apple confirmed this information?

    • Jim Dalrymple

      Yes they have.

  • Jesus Reyes

    Cause, Im currently working in an AT&T retail store, and I’ve been told differant; To my knowledge no matter what, it will cost you $199.99 to replace a cracked Iphone screen, APPLE CARE WILL NOT COVER YOUR CRACKED I PHONE SCREEN- and if they can, can you provide proof for the claims?

  • Edwin G.

    do the iphone 3g’s come with the warranty or do you have to buy it or something like?

  • Rae

    My 3G slide and dropped less than a foot off the ground at the driving range and cracked the screen in about 5 places. I wished I’d known how shoddy the glass was before I bought a $300 phone. Now I have a $300 paper weight because I couldn’t insure it against accidental damage. I also get a lovely $175 early termination fee with AT&T!

  • Butterfly

    Hi, I have a new iPhone and my screen is crack but it works perfectly. I have the apple care plan I bought it the same day , how much is to change a the screen or is it cheaper to get the 3gs?? Please if anyone can help..

    • Jim Dalrymple

      If you have Apple Care, you should contact Apple right away and ask them about the cost. Then you can make the decision to fix it or buy a new one.

  • Butterfly

    Cool! Thanks

  • Mau


    Sorry to tell you this but your AppleCare and any other warranty your phone may have will be void when you crack the screen.

    You have to pay $200 US to replace the screen. Period.

    • Lisa McQ

      not true.. got mine replaced at no cost 2 days ago.. after dropping one time less than 2ft having the entire back shatter.. see my comment explaining situation.. and if u google shattered iphone4 you will see many other people in similar situation who also walked into apple store and received brand new phone .. free.. so its not they will have to pay 200.. period .. maybe question mark..

  • R

    I could understand paying $199 for getting the phone replaced, but paying $199 for having the displayed repaired doesn’t make sense. Let me give you 2 scenarios for the Out-Of-Warranty Replacement Policy:

    Scenario #1 Joe drops his iPhone in a puddle of water, his screen is not damaged, but his sensors turn red indicating water damage. Joe makes an appointment with the genius bar at his local Apple Store. The Genius tech advises Joe of the water damage. Joe asks how much, the tech responds $199. Joe pays the $199 and walks out of the store with a replacement phone (a phone that has a new battery, new screen, new everything).

    Scenario #2 Suzie drops her iPhone and the screen cracks. Suzie makes an appointment with the genius bar at her local Apple Store. The tech tells her it will cost $199 for the glass to be repaired as she waits. Suzie pays the $199 and leaves the store with her old phone. Suzie has had this phone for 9 months, she charges her phone 3 times a day. Her battery is almost shot, but when she paid the $199, it only paid for the screen.

    Why should someone have to pay the same price and not get all new components out of it??? $199 for a repair is not acceptable!

  • Mau

    Hey R.

    You are preaching to the choir here.

    It is complete non-sense.

  • jb

    So if I’m swapping my old phone b/c of water damage and paying the $199… do I get to keep the water damanged phone? I mean it would be nice to have for parts (the screen is spotless and the ipod works). Silly to even think I can actually keep it, right?

    • R

      No, they will take your water damaged phone and repair it as a refurbished one to someone else.

  • Lisa218

    I broke my iPhone screen a little while ago and instead of going through all the hassle of buying a new screen i just searched around for a little while and found they had the best prices along with 24 hour turn around and free insured return shipping.

  • Jason

    I recently walked into apple, waited over an hour at the genius bar even though I had an “appointment” only to find out that they were going to charge me $200 for this repair. I then found out about They did this same repair for me for only $69.99 and they had it back to me in a flash. For those of you that want a quality repair with no hassle, give them a try. I was very impressed.

  • Lisa218

    I broke my iPhone screen a little while ago and just searched around for a little while and found they had the best prices along with 24 hour turn around and free insured return shipping.

  • susan

    My son has an iphone, he just got it under a month ago, being 17 and not making much at his job he could not afford the insurance after he paid for the phone…of course here it is not a month later and its in shambles, first the glass broke, he delt with that, but now the whole thing isnt working. I was wondering sense its not under warrenty is he able to send it to the apple store (we dont have one here in my town) to get fixed? and if so does anyone know about how much it would cost? we have no idea what is broken in it for it not to work, but im guessing the whole board inside is just fried.

  • Morten Skogly

    I had planned to try option 3, but I wanted to try to fix it myself first. I paid $24 for a new glass front panel, and went to work. It wasn’t that hard, you can read my tutorial on my blog :

    Pictures from the whole process, and links to parts and tutorials.

    Good luck to everyone who this has happened to, you have my sympathy.

  • Kim

    Hmmm, am I missing something? My phone is over 2 years old — pretty sure the warranty is expired. Dropped it on the concrete parking garage floor yesterday, the glass looks like a black widow’s spider web — not pretty! So a repair is $199 at Apple, but a new iphone 3G just like the one I have is — $99? And the 3Gs is — $199? Why would I not get a new iphone? And if I get a new iphone, can all the data (contacts, calendar, etc.) be transferred to the new phone?

  • Nicole

    I just got my phone back from they repaired my iphone 3g glass. I paid $79.99 with return shipping included.

    the repair was flawless….of course the chrome around the glass is still scratched up… but thats my fault for dropping it on concrete

  • joy

    I did something stupid with my iphone! I did restore my Iphone. all is gone. now I have to get to know if I can go back to apple shop for repair it? pls some one help me !!! thank you

    • Jim Dalrymple

      If it’s just the content that’s gone, plug your iPhone in and let it sync.

  • joy

    Thank you. all gone and I did plug in again but it said ( The SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported. Only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iphone. please insert the SIM card that came with your iphone or visit a support Carrier’s store to receive a replacement SIM card.)

  • joy

    thank you for reply :)

  • motox3228

    I went to the Apple store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they told me my warranty was void and it was cost $199.99 to fix my phone I paid over $500 for!!!! I found an iPhone repair expert in Southeast Wisconsin. I talked to Patrick on the phone and assured me he could have it done in 15 minutes and shipped back to me same day. Low and behold he received it November 3 and shipped it out same day. Had it back in my hands the next morning. Check out . Very nice guy, he covered my shipping and it only cost me $79!! What a bargain for the whole experience!

    • Irina Dymarsky

      I second the recommendation. Repaired & shipped out the same day it was received (I tracked UPS delivery). Good job & unbeatable price!

  • Michael

    I went to the Apple store in Escondido, CA and they told me that they will replace the screen while you wait, but not for free. It will cost you $199.00 no matter what. The dude told me that in the warranty it says that broken screens are not covered. I’m not sure where you got this information from, but they will not fix broken iPhone screens for free…

  • jared premo

    $200 bucks sounds realy high to replace the glass. just another way for someone to robb us.

  • James

    The real question to me is why does it void the warranty if Apple does the repair? That makes no sense. If you choose to have a third party fix it for less, voiding the warranty because an unauthorized person works on the phone, makes perfect sense. But if you choose to pay $199 for Apple to fix it I would think the warranty and Apple Care would still be intact after the repair is done. Otherwise what is the point of choosing the more expensive option (Apple)? I figured the more expensive option comes with 'keeping your warranty" just in case something goes wrong with the phone down the road. Can anyone clear this up?

  • yuki

    what if i bought an iphone in china, and i wanted my iphone screen replaced. can i bring it to any apple retail store in china?

  • yuki

    please…. could anyone tell me?

  • Keith B.

    I just cracked my screen this morning and went through the same rigamoroll at the Apple Store. I chose to replace the glass for $199 so that I will not be under a new contract when/if the iPhone 4 comes out this summer. The warranty covers any manufacturer defects

  • Jerry

    Why is it that expensive for replacing the glass? Its like Im buying a new iPhone which is not fair.

  • Thom

    Cracked mine, but did not pay apple $199, but went to "boston iphone repair" and had it fixed for $70 in less than 10 minutes. bought a case for $5.00 an walked out a happy camper! I love Apple, but $200 is just too much. even if the whole phone is $500.00 (unsubsidized).

  • adam

    i got a brand new iphone handed to me after i went in and caused a huge fuss over the bullshit price of $199 to fix my screen. Call the apple care phone number and talk to a manager! they will take care of it!

  • Vic

    Hi! I'm wondering if someone can help me. So I dropped my iPhone & the actual screen on the outside didn't crack. But the screen inside did. If that makes any sense… Like it's all black and stuff and looks cracked from the inside… Would the apple store replace it?? Does anyone know?THANKS in advance!

    • Eduard

      use they do mail in repairs. I used there local service. they are real and very professional company.

    • Genjuro

      Vic, that is a good question. Maybe someone that works for an apple store can tell you. Your problem is your LCD. You could always google iphone repair and find a company that could do it for you. I would stick with the ones on the first page, like….. or iresq or ubreakifix to name a few. They all seem to be good companies.

  • Brenda

    I was one of the unlucky to have a cracked screen and did not want to shell out the $200 at the Apple store. I just used and they did it for $46. No a single person can tell my iPhone was ever damaged.

  • use

    Fix Apple Now is one of the best and most popular iPhone repair company in MIami. They do mail in repairs too. I used their local service, and they are great, fast & cheap. I saw they send out a lot of packages with peoples iphones frome other states. People trust them and use their mail in service. I as a local, can confirm they are real, not scam. You can see reviews from their cutomers on their website. And those are not reviews posted by website owner, but the ones added by customers live. I have added mine and it was posted right away without revision. On most other websites you can see so called reviews, but they were not posted live by users, but by company itself. is their official website. You can trust them, I give my word.

  • R

    Can you walk into a apple store and fix cracked jailbroken iPod screen? It fell like a month ago.

    • Kristina

      you can walk innot Fix Apple Now and have your itouch any gen fixed within 20 min. Or if your are out of florida, get their mail service. – they fix all apple devices, iphones, ipod, ipads

  • Tuesday

    My iPhone recently took a heartbreaking tumble down a flight of concrete stairs, not wanting to hand half my paycheck over to Apple I took it into one of these repair shops instead. They replaced the screen while I waited for a fraction of the cost Apple was going to charge me. My advice – if you must feel the need to drop your iPhone in inappropriate places, as I so often do, and you can’t go the DIY route, send it into these guys as a cheaper alternative, they do just as good of a job –

    • Lisa McQ

      i am now on my 3rd iphone4 in 10 days.. after 2 days of receiving first phone jus stopped workin.. sooo took to apple store n within minutes.. im walkin out with a brand new iphone!! yaaay.. sooooo while on vacation few days later.. was removing phone from bag and.. woopsie.. phone slips outta hand (from my lap.. was sitting down) and lands smack on its back.. when picked up to inspect.. holy crap.. the whole back was shattered.. and so was my heart!! :( …who makes a phone out of glass!!! uuggg.. and yes.. i know.. shoulda been more careful .. shoulda had a case on phone..yadda yadda yadda.. but for me thats not even the issue.. i have had many phones.. and the first itouch 16gb.. dropped countless times and never ever.. SHATTERED like fine china.. my frustration is.. yes the shininess of glass is attractive.. but with a phone like this.. one that will be handled ALOT due to its maaaany functions.. why in the world would apple make it out of GLASS!! Put that on your list of .. things that make yuh go hmmmmmm?? :/ Anyways.. went to apple store.. again.. and explained what happened.. first drop.. only had phone less than a week.. fell less than 2 ft.. but in a calm polite manner of course.. she was very nice and explained that normally accidental damage is not covered.. even with addition warranty i purchased for $69 ( i knew that but had to try anyway) then she told me to hold on and went and spoke to a manager.. came back and said will give a replacement this one time .. WITHOUT charge.. was soooooo happy.. wanted to hug her.. lol.. then asked where could find cases cause wanted to get one on right away!!! and to my surprise!!!.. she tells me they have none in store!? back to being slighty annoyed.. i mean you sell a glass phone… u at the veeery least should either sell protective cases in store or include with phone from the get go!! ( yes i am aware they are giving free ones.. also aware have to wait 3-4 weeks to recieve!!!!! grrrrr) anyways.. went to best buy n bought the 2 piece ifrog case (which i love btw) .. so the point of this ramble is.. before u go to pay to get fixd by a third party.. would def go to nearest apple store and see if can get brand new one .. free.. if you google shattered iphone4 you will see as i have atleast 85% of people in same situation got theirs replaced.. did notice though.. if send in to apple via mail.. result isnt as good.. usually will charge 200 to fix phone or will jus send back broken phone.. (btw sorry about horrible spelling and grammar.. but if u got through it and understood it.. thats all that really matters.. right.. lol) and yuh know.. even after all this.. I still love my iphone4.. its amazing and the possibilities are endless with this devise!!!!! yay

  • Peter

    Screens are not too difficult to replace it yourself as long as you are slightly technical.

    managed by watching this video on you tube and managed to get a replacement screen from here

  • Jim

    My iPhone 3gs just ran out of warranty a month ago and yesterday I dropped it on the tile floor and it landed on the front left corner and shattered the screen (both LCD and glass top). I went to the internet and found a replacement with video instructions on their website and was prepared to purchase. Something told me to hold off until I talked to AT&T and Apple. AT&T was no help saying the best bet was to go in to the store and try to get a manager to sign off on a early upgrade for a $75 fee and the price of the new phone and a new two year contract. A co-worker suggested I go to Apple because they gave him replacements for free out of warranty twice before. After work I went to Apple and found a nice person who listened to how I just paid for the deductable to get my wifes car fixed yesterday and money was tight. He pulled some strings and got me a new phone out of warranty for free. When in doubt go to Apple and talk to someone. It can work, just be honest with them. Apple customer for life!

  • iphone screen repair

    Apple basically gets the choice whether or not to do the repair. I’ve heard mixed things, they do it for free, do it for $199, charge you full price. It seems like it’s more up to them whether they wanna cover it or not.

  • Kelly

    can i still get my itouch screen repair if i lost the recipe for the warranty that i brought?

  • guest

    somebody has to open the iPhone and replace the digitizer. The cheapest way is to do it your self and you should get aways with around $70. The part is available on ebay. Here’s a iPhone Repair guide on how to disassemble an iPhone Maybe a tech savy friend can do it for you. If you want to pay to have a service do it for you there are third party iPod Repair Services such as iPhone Repair NYC.

  • Cindy

    Is tere any nber in which I could call to fix my phone because it Is crack from the inside

  • Dave

    At least Apple are acknowledging an issue and setting up some kind of repair option… It seems sinece the change to Intel chips Apple has had a number of product quality problems… The issues with the melting power supplies, melting batteries, ATI X1600 graphic chip issues in early MBPs and iMacs… the Nvidia graphics chip in the next generation (which Nvidia recalled not Apple)… it goes on…

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    I dropped my iphone 3G the other day and the guy at the Apple store fixed it for me for FREE since it was my first time. He said it would be $99 if it happened again.

    • ker1040

      And I do not have any type of insurance or extended care plan.

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    Wow, I was missing part of the rubber trim thing, it let dust get in there (or at least that’s what they told me was causing the problem). I haven’t sent it quite yet (just haven’t done it yet), but it’s 12 bucks! :) Great Post, keep it up.

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    Ah! My iPhone recently took a heartbreaking tumble down a flight of concrete stairs, not wanting to hand half my paycheck over to Apple I took it into one of these repair shops instead.:))

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    I checked into it further at work today. No such part (display) exists in Apple’s system for the original iPhone. The only “repair” that can be done on the original phone is a swap, anyways thanks for the share.


    I haven’t sent it quite yet (just haven’t done it yet), but it’s 12 bucks! :) i think there is shipping too, but they sounded pretty legit IMO. hope that helps bc $12 vs $200 is well worth it!!! ok

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    if u have the brand new ipod touch 4g and u have only had it for 6 months is there any way to fix it if you have dropped it because if it cost 200 then i might as well just get a new ipod. any help my sister dropped it on the wood floor. 

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    $199.00 for repair: please, you can buy a new phone for the same amount. Ridiculous.

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    I just got off the phone with apple and now they can fix all iPod screens The 4th gen is only 99 bucks

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    I have no sound coming out my iphone….how much would it cost to get it fixed…i have no warranty

  • Jack-pines

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    I just got my beautiful new iphone 4s, my first smart phone and dropped it a week later puting it in a case. I about cried after calling a few repair shops so I decided to read up on what other have done in the same situation. I came across a wonderful post which reminded me that American Express gives a 90 day purchase protection for up to $1000.00. I will be taking my precious to the Apple Store for repair. Thanks Amex

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    I won my iPod in a contest would they be able to fix my screen??

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    Ok… I just recently dropped my iPhone 4 and the screen to me is beyond replacing. If I take it to apple will they just give me another iPhone for free? It a 4th gen so I don’t know if I should buy anothe one with a two year contract, but the iPhone 5 comes out this year. Will apple just give another one for free or do I have to. Uh another iPhone?

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  • Unknown

    I have no insurance but my iPhone lock has broke, how much will it cost to be repaired?

  • Bruce Lewis

    Accidents happen. However Apple’s policy is essentially there to support it’s bottom line. One would think that a phone with a glass screen such as the iphone, would be revisisted. It’s not really a question of design as much as it’s about raw materials. Glass, chips, cracks, shatters etc, a high-density plastic would alleviate impact shatters. …And suddenly the glass screen is seperate from the rest of the phone and not considered hardware once it shatters. I like my iphone alot, intact and functioning. On the otherside of function, having experience impact shatter. I think that the phone lacks durability. And the prospect of paying 200$ for a replacement screen is not a vote of confidence. No less than three Apple associates pointed out the innate value of the raw materials e.g. my shattered glass. Is this an art object or a hand-held device? Is a major portion of the replacement fee going towards the technicians salary. It is not enough to just sell pretty things. Customer satisfaction and retainment might just be the next generation’s smart ideas.

  • Ages2001

    I recently got an iPod about 4 montes ago, it’s new, it’s the 4th generation, and has 8 gb. I was leaning over the couch to take if picture of myself, it slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor, it now has about 12 small cracks all in one spot and 1 going down the middle of my screen.what do I do?????

    Thank you

  • Hannah

    The sceem of my ifone has been broken and 2months ago I take to apple shop and they told me is gonna cost me £150. But some people saying if u take ur ifone to a apple store the fix for me for free I dont get it to much confuse!

  • Luke

    Do you know if this applies in the UK? One of the apple stores I went to said they didn’t do it and this was recently. I ended up using

    and another time i used (I was in london at the time).

  • Alex

    Just yesterday a was shooting BB guns, the pellet ricocheted of a wall giving a narly impact above the camera facing me and inbetween the speaker and it webbed the screen, sad to find out warranty doesn’t cover screen replacements

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    A much simpler and safer option for the do-it-yourself repair person is to buy a complete screen assembly – not

    just the touchscreen glass. There are two options with this route: Get the assembly with the LCD in it (about

    $100) or without the LCD (about $60). Using either of these options means you don’t need to use a heat gun to

    replace your glass and you should be able to do the repair yourself in about 10-15 minutes. A video is worth

    10,000 words so again, head over to YouTube and do a search for “iPhone screen assembly repair” and you’ll find

    several videos using this method.

  • Natalie

    If my back part of the phone is broken and I bought it from a friend, will they replace it for $150, they’ve done it before I just want to know if they still do

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