∞ iPhone 3G S draws attention away from Steve Jobs

Apple is brilliant. The company has been trying to get the media to leave Steve Jobs alone for months and nothing has worked. Until now. Steve JobsApple used the oldest trick in the book–they drew attention away from Steve’s health and pending return to the company by showing us something new and shiny. The brilliance is that everyone fell for it.

When I walked into the keynote hall for Phil Schiller’s WWDC address, I was convinced there would not be an iPhone released at the conference. I fully expected that a new iPhone would be released at a special event in July.

This would be the return of Steve Jobs. He would show the world this incredible new device and people would be in awe of the master.

But that didn’t happen. What we got was the iPhone 3G S. I’m not saying that it’s not a great phone, because it is. In fact, I can’t wait to get my hands on mine. The speed improvements alone makes it a worthwhile upgrade for me.

However, if it wasn’t for the release of the iPhone 3G S, media outlets would be clogging their virtual pages with rumor and speculation about the health of Jobs. How many stories have you seen about Jobs since WWDC? Not very many.

Without the iPhone release at WWDC, even the conference’s strong points like iPhone OS 3.0 and Snow Leopard would have been overshadowed by the fact that Steve didn’t show up.

iPhone 3G SThere were a few stories on the fact that Steve wasn’t there, but Apple said he wasn’t going to show up. Sure, I would have liked it if he came out for “One More Thing,” but that’s okay.

iPhone OS 3.0 went live on Wednesday. The launch went off without a hitch for the vast majority of the people. I’ve been using it for some time and it is a fantastic piece of software. That took up almost a week of the media’s time, preparing for the release and then writing about the release and follow-up.

Today, the iPhone 3G S launches and its reportedly doing very well too. (Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but I jump every time I hear the doorbell).

The iPhone launch will have the media tied up until Wednesday of next week as everyone reports on the launch, activation issues and most importantly sales numbers.

All of a sudden, we have less than a week to go before Steve comes back. Brilliant.

Apple managed to kill the better part of three weeks (including WWDC) without anyone asking about Steve’s health. On top of that, they release a nice upgraded iPhone, a great iPhone OS and have a successful conference.

Not bad, Apple. Not bad at all.

  • The Klondike Kids

    It all about the strategy … and of course having everyone co-operate, which you all did until now.

  • Eric

    That kind of thing wouldn’t distract m…


  • james

    Nothing unusual about the timing; the original iPhone was released in June and updates have been spaced about a year apart.

    And the iPhone isn’t a new product, it’s just an update. Steve may want to save his public re-appearance for something more dramatic, like unveiling the widely rumored tablet Mac.

  • Have to agree with James that the timing isn’t that unusual. That doesn’t mean I don’t think Apple thought about it, but they didn’t have to do anything to get this effect. All they had to do was decide it was the effect they wanted and not change anything.

  • pat fisher

    I think this was done on purpose for him to not show up. If Steve Jobs is doing just fine now, it’s best to take the attention away from him and how he is linked to the company.

    Now people can see the company runs fine without him and don’t associate him with the company.

    The face of the company is the Apple logo and it should be.

  • Steven

    Apple is the only company I know of which gets dinged for doing exactly what they say they will do. When July 1 arrives and no Jobs, then this is an issue, not before.

    Apple is using this opportunity to roll out the new Apple, with Jobs in a reduced roll, and to demonstrate that it can and will operate without Jobs in the future.

  • John Baxter

    As I’ve asked elsewhere, what part of “the end of June” does the media not understand?

    If he had done anything more than a cameo from home, he would have had to start work on it at the latest by early May (and that would have been shorter than his usual show prep cycle).

  • phil

    Ridiculous. Apple wanted to release the iPhone 3GS as soon as they could. If the plan was to release in July, you think they can just one day say a few months in advance say “hey all you carriers, manufacturers, marketing dept, distributers….” we are dropping the thing 1 month early.

    you either have no clue how business works or are a troll.