∞ AT&T: $55 tethering rumors are false

iPhone enthusiast site Appmodo on Friday quoted “a source” at AT&T, saying that iPhone tethering would cost users an extra $55 a month. AT&T says the rumor is false. att_logoAT&T used its Facebook page to squash the rumors and left no doubt that the claims were untrue.

“There are a lot of reports out there, but wanted you guys to know that rumors of $55 tethering plan on top of an unlimited data plan are false,” says the AT&T statement. “We’ll have more news to share when the iPhone tethering option is closer to launch.”

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the launch will be. AT&T said previously that it would be sometime in the future.

  • I hope the reason it’s false is not that it’s actually $59.

    (Actually, I’m Canadian, so it isn’t like I really care. The wails of those affected might even be entertaining.)

  • Whew! Thank $DEITY they clarified. I thought they might announce it in the past and I would have missed it 🙂

    (p.s. love the new site!)

  • jcg

    it’s probably not 55 on top of a data plan — but it might be $55 for a data plan that includes tethering ($30 data plan + $25)

  • Tom

    I know this is a tired question, but isn’t $30 a month per phone enough already? What is the value of this data plan actually worth when you can’t download anything over 10 Megabytes over 3G (youtube videos presently excepted). Now I need to pay more to tether because I might want to browse the net on a bigger screen (or check email etc.)?

    I really think AT&T needs to make a strong case as to why the existing data plan rate is not sufficient for tethering, especially considering their weak 3G last year at launch. I just can’t see how they can justify raising the cost.

    • Jeanne Alvarez, and Margie Bustos

      We think that ATT should not go on strike. Their men and women work very hard for us.

    • Richard

      Or…heaven forbid…you might want to tether to a laptop so you could access a web site that uses FLASH for the buttons to navigate it?

  • If it were that high I’d probably get a Verizon Mifi just to spite them.

  • Shpider

    But since when has AT&T been reasonable ?

  • david

    The source Appmodo actually posted an update

    “**UPDATE: June 19 1:50PM PSD: Reports across the web are misinterpreting the original pricing for tethering. The data plan with tethering would be around $55 per month, NOT $70 or an additional $55 per month on top of existing data plans. Thanks.”

    seems things were misinterpreted from some other site that reported theirs

  • er

    $55 was way off. Its $49.95…sheesh!

  • Richard

    I suspect that it will be $59.99 for a data plan that includes tethering. That would be $30 iPhone data plan plus $29.99 so the “denial” could still be true. There had been an earlier rumor that it would be $79 for a tethering data plan.

    It would seem logical that AT&T plans to charge something pretty close to their current charges for a laptop card plan.

  • Mark

    Tethering, which is currently available on the iPhone (albeit against ATT policy), is currently being charged by AT&T.

    Just spoke to a representative, the charge is currently $.01 for every 1KB data tethered. Talk about running up a bill!!! Careful all of you iPhone tethering lovers!

    Jason, the AT&T representative, told me that they expect to have a tethering package available to the public in mid-October. I personally think $30 on top of the $30 data plan is entirely unreasonable!!! Hopefully AT&T will not rape us and offer tethering for under $15.

    I know it was free with blackberry’s data plan (sprint)

  • I think you can tether now with the $g model thats coming soon

    pending they fix the antenna issue lol