∞ Scottsdale Apple store showcases updated retail design

Like most everything Apple does, its retail stores are always being updated. The latest iteration is being unveiled on Friday in Scottsdale, Ariz. Apple Retail Store in Scottsdale, Ariz.The Apple Store Scottsdale Quarter features a glass exterior, front to back. You can actually see straight through to the other side. The store also has 20-foot ceilings, giving the location a feeling of incredible space. Rounding out the aesthetics of the location is a 75-foot long skylight.

Even with all of the design features, the new store also features a lot of practical improvements too. The Scottsdale store will feature 50-feet of Genius Bar, giving Apple the ability to help more users than ever before.

Apple Store ScottsdaleApple will use some of the space in the store for its Pro Labs program. This is a series of free training courses focused on Apple’s professional photography, music and video editing applications.

When Apple first kicked off its retail stores, it said that the design would continue to evolve based on customer needs. The company has kept that promise, changing from large open spaces to mini stores, depending on the location and needs of the customers in that location.

The Apple Store Scottsdale Quarter opens on Friday June 12 at 6:00 pm.

  • KiltBear

    “Even with all the design features…”

    I think designers would take umbrage that the wording of the article seems to imply functional details like a bigger Genius Bar are not “design features”. This is especially odd on a blog about Apple products. Maybe a better way to put it would be “aesthetic features”.

  • marjorie vilar

    now if only the AC worked….they have fans on the floor to help cool the customers …east/west walls of glass with a 75ft sky light really beautiful..but in AZ with temps well over 100 … AC needs to work

  • Reading the first two posts brings to mind the classic quote from the Bible: “Casting pearls before swine. . .”

    This is a stunningly beautiful new design for Apple retail stores. Yet another bold move by Apple in its continuing mission to “Think different.” I LOVE the glass walls and the high ceiling. What a bold new iteration which yet is substantially consistent with previous store designs!

    Design is far more than just “looks”, and is nothing without aesthetics, and I’m sure the architects/engineers have taken climactic factors into consideration in this new Arizona store, just like they did for the Fifth Avenue store.

    Like the Little Red Hen, Apple has been resolutely “baking bread” all these years with or without outside help. The “bread” has always been of good quality, and now it can afford a better “bread shop.”

    Well done!